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Biography of Marcher: Shingza Rinpoche

June 17, 2008
June 12, 2008

Shingza RinpocheRinpoche Lobsang Tenzin Choekyi Gyaltsen ("Shingza
Rinpoche") was born in Tsonyon, Amdo. At the age of 13, he was
recognized as a reincarnation by the Raga Gompa Monastery. He was
asked by the Chinese government to be a part of a group of lamas from
different districts of Tibet who would recognize the fake Panchen
Lama, but he refused. Shingza Rinpoche felt that if he went along
with the Chinese government, he would be forced to do many other
things that would go against the Dalai Lama and his fellow Tibetans.
For that reason, the Rinpoche decided to flee into exile at the age of 17.

When he reached India, the Dalai Lama recommended that he pursue his
studies at Sera Monastery in south India. At Sera, Shingza Rinpoche
was on the editorial committee for different journals published by
the monastery about Tibetan culture and education. The Rinpoche said
that until March of this year, he was not involved in any political activities.

Because of the uprising in Tibet, Shingza Rinpoche was driven to
participate in a 24-hour hunger strike organized by a group of
Rinpoches in south India. He first heard about the March to Tibet
when a group of monks from his monastery left to join the march.
Shingza Rinpoche joined the March himself on April 18th, as it
departed from Delhi.

"The marchers will keep on marching towards Tibet," said Shingza
Rinpoche. "But we need the help of Tibetans outside the March to
support us and spread the news of what's happening in Tibet and on
the March to Tibet. At this critical time, it is crucial that there
is unity and coordination between Tibetans inside Tibet and those in exile."
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