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Ancient Kingdom of Mustang Reels under Chinese Border Closure

June 17, 2008

Tibet Custom (UK)
June 15, 2008

The people of the ancient Kingdom of Mustang in Northern Nepal are
reeling under new restrictions placed on them by the Chinese.

Since there are no road links to Katmandu or other parts of Nepal the
people of Mustang have traditionally crossed the border into Tibet to
obtain food and other essentials, however since China has taken a
very harsh view on the demonstartions against Chinese repression in
Tibet that have taken place in Nepal it has closed the border.

This has led to a virtual Famine situation in Mustang, at this point
it has been very virtually impossible to get in or out of Mustang and
the people are suffering greatly.

Mustang the ancient kingdom of Lo was anexed by Nepal centuries ago,
however it still retains it's royal family and status as a kingdom in
it's own right.
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