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Tibet Monks to Build the Sand Mandala in Moscow

June 18, 2008

June 16, 2008

Moscow, June 16 - Monks of a largest Tibetan monastery will build
mandala from sand in the Roerich museum in Moscow.

"It is for the first time that mandala in Russia is dedicated to
Green Tara - one of the most venerated gods in the Tibet Buddhism - a
god of long and healthy life who grants priceless vital energy and
power to everyone appealing to it," the museum told Interfax.

Buddhist mandala symbolizes cosmic principle that guides processes of
all things. It represents a graphic drawing of any given god and
Buddhists believe that it restores broken balance in nature and
harmonizes relations among living creatures of all the worlds.

Buddhists believe that one look at mandala is enough to heal deceases
or negative inclinations. The sand for building mandala is considered sacred.

Monks will be building mandala till the end of the week in frames of
the international Russia, India, Tibet festival which opened in the
Roerich center in Moscow last Saturday and will last till June 21.

The head of Tibet monks geshe (master - IF) Tsering Dhondup said at
the festival's opening ceremony that Buddhist monks urged everyone to
worship, preserve and enrich their tradition as Tibetans did.

"The process of cosmopolitization is under way. Our planet may lack
traditions and nationalities in 200-300 years. There will be only one
nation and the world will be very poor without plenitude of colors,
traditions and variety of views," he said.
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