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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Join the June 18th Global Day of Action

June 18, 2008

Students for a Free Tibet (SFT)
June 16, 2008

No Torch in Tibet!
Stop the Crackdown!
Media Access to Tibet Now!

On June 18th, Tibetans and supporters worldwide will participate in a
day of action to protest the torch in Tibet, speak out against
China's ongoing crackdown, and demand immediate press access to Tibet. Join us.

Materials and Resources:
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For more than a year, Tibetans and supporters have vigorously
demanded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) do the right thing
and cancel the torch relay through Tibet. But the IOC has stubbornly
refused to heed our calls and hasn't even pressed Beijing on the
basic commitment it made to press freedom in its bid for the Olympic Games.

Even though we can't stop China from provocatively parading the torch
through Tibet under clampdown it's critical that we SPEAK OUT when
the torch arrives in Lhasa and display our solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet.

The torch is scheduled to arrive in the Tibetan capital Lhasa on June
18th or 19th. Chinese authorities have already escalated repression
and tightened restriction of movement in and around Lhasa in order to
prevent protests during the torch relay.

For the Global Day of Action:
We are encouraging protests and actions with a strong visual
component to highlight what is happening in Tibet right now and what
could happen when the torch goes there. Tibet activists are planning
powerful political theater: Olympic torch runner over bloody bodies,
die-ins, mock-beatings, people dressed as monks and nuns in chains,
Chinese troops and police, and symbols such as the Olympic torch as
torture device, Olympic rings as handcuffs, prison bars... click here
for some helpful tips for staging your own political theater.

In New York in front of the Chinese Consulate, a group of New
York-area Tibetan high school and college students are planning to
ritualistically shave their heads in solidarity with Tibetan monks
and nuns who have borne the brunt of China's brutal crackdown in
Tibet. Click here for a video of young Tibetans shaving their heads
last month as part of a powerful solidarity ritual protest.

The torch will also stop in the following Tibetan areas:

* June 11th: Shangri-la (formerly named Zho-ngdiàn, a town in Dechen
Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture recently re-invented by Chinese
authorities as a Tibetan tourist 'paradise')

* June 18th or 19th: Lhasa, Tibetan Autonomous Region

* June 20th-22nd (approx dates): Gormo and Kokonor (Ch: Golmud and
Qinghai Hu -- Tibetan regions in what China calls its Qinghai
province) and the border town of Xining (only 2 hours drive from the
town of Rebkong where on April 17th, over 100 monks were detained and
beaten by Chinese authorities)

When the torch arrives in Lhasa, we want to make sure that we speak
out strongly and in a compelling and powerful way. As Chinese
authorities have pledged to be merciless to Tibetans in Tibet who
dare to speak out during the torch relay, we must raise our voices
even higher.

Day of Action Locations & Coordinators:
More locations, details, and Day of Action Coordinators will be
listed soon but here some coordinators that are already confirmed.
Get in touch with these people if you would like to participate in an
event near you:

Canada - Tsering:
United Kingdom - Pema:
India - Shibayan:

New York - Kala:
San Francisco - Thupten:
Boston - Jordhen:
Washington DC - Rich:
Seattle - Karma or Tenzin Kalden:
Los Angeles - Namgyal:
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