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Chinese Consulate Interfering Again

June 19, 2008

By Ben Hurley, Sydney Staff
Epoch Times
June 17, 2008

The Sydney Chinese Consulate-General circulated a letter to
Australian Members of Parliament before the Dalai Lama's Australian
visit urging them not to meet with him. The letter, which was
circulated two weeks before the Dalai Lama arrived in Australia, also
demanded he recognise Taiwan as part of China as a precondition for
talks and named his push for greater autonomy as "a scheme to carve up China".

"His so-called 'Middle way' approach to seek so-called 'high-degree
autonomy' just a scheme borrowed from the British colonialists
early last century in their notorious plan to carve up China," says
the letter dated June 2.

"Your Honourable, as they might try to seek support of any form from
political dignitaries like you, you are kindly advised not to meet
Dalai or attend any of his activities."

The letter suggests that fresh talks will take place with China, but
a "clear and constant stance "will be reiterated".

That stance is that dialogue may take place as long as the Dalai Lama
"truly stops seeking 'Tibet independence'" and as long as he
recognises both Tibet and Taiwan as "inalienable parts of the Chinese

The Dalai Lama reiterated his call for "meaningful independence" to
reporters in Sydney on Thursday, June 12, before resuming a
meditation seminar. His Holiness said he remains optimistic about the
re-commencement of talks between his envoys and Beijing, and called
on Tibetans not to disturb the Olympic torch as it passes through
Lhasa, as: "Over a billion Chinese brothers and sisters feel very
proud of it."
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