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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Nepal ignores the threat of China while cracking down on Tibetan's

June 22, 2008

Tibet Custom (UK)
June 19 2008

  In a move which does not bode well, Nepal's new government have
arrested 650 Tibetan's dragging them off to prison as well as three
community leaders, their location is currently unknown.

The arrests have been taking place for the apparent offence of
"Harming Nepalese / Chinese" relations. Nepal's new
Maoist  government is upset that Tibetan's are harming their
relations with the Chinese Communist Party. Odd really as Tibet is
Nepal's nearest neighbour on the Chinese side, Nepal it's self has a
sizeable Ethnic and Culturally Tibetan population, but the Maoist
government is not interested in the facts.

Moreover in Mustang Province at the moment there is a virtual famine
as the people cannot get out to purchase food and other essentials
since the Chinese blocked the border, thousands of people are
struggling to survive, in a part of Nepal because of China's actions
and yet the Nepalese choose to arrest and intimidate Tibetan's rather
than accept their right to protest.

As Nepal lurches towards a virtual client state relationship with
China, the people of Nepal can hardly be blamed for wondering what
happened to the hope of peace and freedom that heralded the end of
the last 25 years or so of civil war, is it all to be sacrificed now
by becoming China's lap dog in the Himalayas ?
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