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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Amnesty International India stands with Tibet

June 23, 2008

By Tenzin Sangmo
June 22, 2008

New Delhi, June 22 - Amnesty International's June 18 report on
People's Republic of China: Tibet Autonomous Region: Access Denied
gives a detailed account of the Chinese government's tight control
over the region accusing them of torturing and beating peaceful
protestors into submission. The eleven page report states;

"Despite dozens of eyewitness accounts of the beatings and arrests of
hundreds of protestors, and the use of lethal force, Chinese
authorities have provided no on-going information of these protests,
nor have they acknowledged the death of any Tibetans at the hands of
Chinese security forces beyond the one 'insurgent'. The sharp
discrepancy in reports by Chinese government and Tibetan sources
highlights the need for independent scrutiny."

The Delhi Tibetan Solidarity Committee and Amnesty International
India together on Saturday urged the Chinese government to provide
information about the 5,500 people detained during the protests last
March and to cease all arbitrary arrests respecting the fundamental
rights of Tibetan people to freedom of expression, opinion and belief.

They also called on Nepal to release the three Tibetan community
leaders Kelsang Chung, Director of the UN funded Tibetan Refugee
Reception Center, Ngawang Sangmo, President and Tashi Dolma, Vice
President of the Regional Tibetan Women's Association who were
arrested from their homes on June 19 with a stretch of 90 days in
judicial custody charged under a public security offence related to
local protests against the Chinese crackdown in Tibet.

In their urgent action appeal to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, Amnesty
International India pushed for the following agendas to be implemented:

Beijing Olympics and the Legacy Reverie:

     * Stop Executions
     * Fair trials for all
     * Respect the rights of rights defenders
     * Freedom from censorship.

Gathering being addressed by Indian leader. (Photo courtesy: Tibetan
Solidarity Committee, Delhi)
Around 400 local Tibetans from Majnu Ka Tilla and Ladakh Budhvihar
were present at Jantar Mantar to observe the injustice meted out to
Tibetan refugees in Nepal by authorities. Tibetan establishments were
closed for the day and many turned out to protest against the brutal
Chinese regime and the security lockdown in Lhasa, Tibet. Voicing
strong disapproval at the two subsequent events, they raised slogans
calling for non-discriminatory hearing of those under arrest and
application of basic human rights in Tibet.

Guest speakers included Former Member of Rajya Sabha Bashisht Narayan
Singh and Dr. Anand Kumar, Professor of Social Sciences at JNU, New Delhi.

Reassuring Amnesty International India's support to the Tibet cause,
local representative Mr. Javed briefly addressed the crowd. He
expressed his greatest sympathy and heartfelt solidarity with the
sufferings of six million Tibetans across the world.
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