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Rangzen Flame Reaches Paris

June 24, 2008

By Tenam
June 23, 2008

Paris, June 22 - Hundreds of Tibetans, French supporters, Uighurs and
others marched the street of Paris today to welcome 'Independence
Torch Relay' by the Tibetan Youth Congress. The event was supported
by Students for a Free Tibet, France.

"The main objective of launching the Tibet Independence Torch Relay
is to highlight the historical fact that Tibet was always an
Independent nation until the Chinese invasion in 1949 and to protest
the 2008 Beijing Olympic torch relay through Tibet. The Tibet
Independence Torch Relay will also bring awareness to the
International Community regarding the dire situation inside Tibet
under the colonial occupation of China," said the statement issued by
the Tibetan Youth Congress.

The event started with the singing of 'Longsho' and the lighting of
the flame. The flame was first carried by pala, one of the eldest
Tibetan living in France. The flame started on its route from Place
Denfert, center of Paris at midday. A total of 32 Tibetans, young and
old and French supporters carried the torch that eventually reached
at the front of the French Olympics Committee, south Paris, at around
4 pm, covering about 3 kilometres.

"This is an important moment in the support movement of Tibetans in
France as for the first time an event has been organised with a clear
independence goal," said Kunsang Lhamo, one of the event coordinator.

Many people came out of their houses to show their support for the
torch relay. A group of kitchen staff even came out of the restaurant
on the torch route to applaud the relay.

"This torch represents the promise of Tibetan Youth Congress to
continue to struggle to regain our Independence from China and to
show our solidarity with our brothers and sisters inside Tibet who
are brutally suppressed and denied basic fundamental rights and echo
their call for Independence", said TYC.

The day concluded cultural presentation by Tibetans and Uighurs
living in France. The torch is planned to visit few other countries
before her eventual destination: Tibet.
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