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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Parliamentarians call on Czech Government to formulate policy on Tibet

June 25, 2008

Tibet Bureau, Geneva
June 24, 2008

"The Czech Government should formulate a constructive and substantive
policy to help move forward the talks between Representatives of
Dalai Lama and China on Tibet during its EU Presidency," said Ms.
Jana Hybaskova, Member of the European Parliament from Czech Republic.

She called on the Czech government to draw up a policy on Tibet which
calls for time bound and agenda driven talks. The round table
discussion on Tibet was organized by President Havel Library in
Prague on 19 June.

Speaker after speaker expressed concern about the present situation
in Tibet and after the Olympics. They called on the Czech government
to take an active interest and stand on the Tibetan issue during the
EU Presidency.

The three hour discussion was informal yet tense and passionate. It
was attended by two Czech Ministers, Czech and European
Parliamentarians, senior government officials, journalists and opinion leaders.

A member of the a local Tibet Support Group spoke briefly on the
present conditions in China, a Sinologist on the current economical
development in China and raise of nationalism.

Mr. Tseten S Chhoekyapa, His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Representative
gave a short introduction on Tibetan history, the recent uprising and
the brutal crackdown, the deaths and arrest of Tibetans. He appealed
to the Czech people and government to take a strong stand on Tibet
during Czech Republic's EU Presidency which starts next year.

A Chinese lady from mainland China, currently living in Prague said
that after the sad incident in Tibet, there has been a rise in
Nationalism in China. However, she said the best outcome was the
great amount of discussions that is taking place worldwide about the
problem. She said whether a better understanding between cultures
could help the situation.

Mr. Chhoekyapa said that His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan
Government in Exile supports the Beijing Olympics. However, the
Chinese security forces are killing and arresting Tibetans in Tibet
today. Mr Chhoekyapa said morally it will be difficult for Tibetans
and Tibet supporters to keep quiet about the suffering of the Tibetan
people while the Olympics take place in China.

Back in 1990, soon after becoming the first democratically elected
President of Czechoslovakia, President Havel officially invited His
Holiness the Dalai Lama to visit his country. Since then, many
various Heads of governments and Foreign Ministers have met the Dalai
Lama. Similarly, Mr. Chhoekyapa called on Czech government to take
the moral high ground because Czech has experienced over 40 years
under Communism and 2009 will mark 50 years of Communist rule in
Tibet. Unlike many other countries, Czech Republic has little trade
ties with China.

Mr. Chhoekyapa said that Tibetans are not asking the Czech government
to support Tibetan independence but to support a non-violent struggle
that calls for a genuine autonomy for the Tibetan people so that
Tibet's ancient culture, religion, language and identity is
preserved. In 1918 Czechoslovakia became an independent state.
Similarly, in 1913 His Holiness the 13th Dalai Lama issued
proclamation of Tibet's independence.

Ms. Katharina Jacques, head of the All Party Parliamentary Group for
Tibet in the Czech Parliament spoke about the support for His
Holiness the Dalai Lama and concern at the present tragic situation
in Tibet. She highlighted the very successful campaign of hosting
Tibetan National Flag in over 260 town halls in Czech Republic. One
can see many Tibetan flags across Prague. A large Tibetan flag hangs
from a private building next to the Czech Foreign Ministry. The All
Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet consist of about 26 core members
of which includes 3 members of the Czech Government's Cabinet.
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