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Media: Producer sees red in BBC Dalai Lama row

June 26, 2008

Mandrake, by Tim Walker, edited by Richard Eden
The Telegraph (UK)
June 21, 2008

Just weeks before it clears the schedules for the Beijing Olympics,
the BBC has provoked controversy by refusing to broadcast a
documentary about the Dalai Lama.

Josh Dugdale, a former BBC producer, says his programme, The
Unwinking Gaze, will be screened by virtually every television
network in Europe apart from the corporation.

"I don't know why the BBC won't show it," the director tells
Mandrake. "There is no good reason as far as I can see. This
documentary took three-and-a-half years to make and reveals
ground-breaking stuff: that the Dalai Lama wants to become a Chinese
citizen; how the authorities misunderstand him; and who his successor will be."

To make matters worse, the show's distributor, Tim Spark, wrote an
article for the BBC's in-house magazine, Ariel, in which he
criticised the decision not to broadcast the programme, but it was not printed.

Andrew Harvey, Ariel's editor, says: "The article was commissioned,
but was not considered fit for publication, as certain aspects were
not sufficiently well-argued."

A BBC spokesman says the decision was made for legitimate editorial
reasons. "We passed on Josh's film because we already had two being
made about Tibet."
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