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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Invite the 14th Dalai Lama to the G8 Summit!

June 27, 2008

Free Tibet Team Japan (FTTJ)
June 25, 2008

The Hokkaido Toyako summit (G8 leaders conference) is going to be
held in Japan on July 7-9th, 2008.

The Chinese president Hu Jintao is invited there, too.

It is an opportunity for the G8 leaders to discuss and formulate a
strategic plan to resolve the Tibet issue before the Olympics begin
one month later.

The past informal dialogues between the Tibetan government in exile
and the Chinese have achieved little, so we began the campaign to
have a moderated dialogue between the Dalai Lama and Hu Jintal at the
Summit in Japan.

"Invite the 14th Dalai Lama to the Summit! in Japan"

Let's achieve the first step to a true solution of the Tibet issue at
the Summit in Japan!

Please help us!
To Have a Real Dialogue to Bring Peace in Tibet

People in Tibet have been suppressed by the Chinese government since
1949 up to the present. They have been arrested and tortured for
practicing their religion and maintaining their culture.

Tibetans' human rights and their ethnic culture have been neglected,
and the Tibetan people have become the minority in their own country
because of the Chinese immigration policy.

The Tibetan culture is disappearing now. Moreover, the environment in
Tibet is being destroyed by the Chinese policies. The Chinese
government has been dumping its Nuclear waste in Tibet.

* We FTTJ are acting for the liberation of Tibet.
* We are merely civilians who have no power, but we can protest
freely unlike the people in Tibet. We heard the shout of people in
Tibet who stood up risking their lives in March 2008.
* We cannot keep silent any longer.
* We have to deliver our voices to the Japanese Government and the G8 leaders!

To spread this action, please post this petition on the bulletin
boards and blogs (such as YouTube, Facebook and MySpace) and sites
that focus on the Tibet issue, human rights and international
politics. (Please do it legally!)

If you have friends in the G8 countries, please ask them to send the
petition to the G8 leaders.

We FTTJ have our sites on "My Space"
<> and "The
Facebook," >>.

We are waiting for your participation!

By using the petition form urge your governments to create a
dialogue, thereby appealing to public opinion.

The G8 leaders should react to public opinion and urge the Japanese
government to set up the dialogue at the Summit.

The Japanese government won't refuse the demand from the G8 leaders
and will make the dialogue an important agenda point at the Summit.

Please help us make the Summit in Japan the place to solve the Tibet issue!

* G8 Counties are the United States, England, Canada, France,
Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan and the European Union

Total petition signatures collected: 7,310

FTTJ would like to announce that submission to the Japanese petition
to invite the Dalai Lama to the G8 for talks with China ended today,
June 23rd. First of all, we would like to thank all of you who helped
us by creating a wave of support from throughout Japan to the world
to in order to spread the word and stress the urgent need to stop the
brutality in Tibet.

There were countless members of public who worked tirelessly and
selflessly to collect the petitions at various gatherings, on the
street, and on the internet, etc.

The paper petitions collected in Japan were put into three file
holders and delivered to House of Representatives member Takeo
Hiranuma's secretary, Mrs. Inubushi. The files were then taken within
the same building by Mrs. Inubushi to Prime Minister Fukuda's policy secretary.

At 12:08 PM, Mrs. Inubushi called to confirm that the petitions had
been delivered.

We are delighted to be able to share with you that all of the paper
petitions were successfully delivered to Prime Minister Fukuda where
they will receive attention by the proper office.

FTTJ would like to express special thanks to The Tibet House of Japan
who kindly offered to collect petitions in paper format. FTTJ would
also like to thank Takeo Hiranuma the members of the House of
Representatives and his secretary Mrs. Inubushi for their
understanding in the Tibet issue and for becoming a bridge for us to
deliver the petitions directly to Prime Minister Fukuda. A member of
the House of Representatives, Mr. Hiranuma was appointed to the
position of Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry in 2001 by
former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi of the Liberal Democratic
Party during his time in office.


Mr. Hiranuma refused to support the Prime Minister's plans to
privatize the Japanese Postal system and as a result was no longer
endorsed by his party during September 11, 2005 election.
Nevertheless, he was reelected. Mr. Hiranuma has been an influential
political figure who is not afraid to voice his opinions in public on
issues such as human rights or abductions by the North Korean'
government. FTTJ had approached him earlier seeking advice on how to
deliver the petitions directly to Prime Minister Fukuda. Mr. Hiranuma
kindly responded to us the following day and said that he would help
arrange delivery to Prime Minister Fukuda's office via his own secretary.

Photo: Mr. Hiranuma was absent at the time of our visit to his
office, so we have taken a photo of an famous political cartoon over
looking the Prime Minister's office (his bold attitude towards
challenging the existing political system has earned him the nickname
of "the Samurai").

We were also quite amused at the bizarre cooincidence that the number
of petitions delivered and the phone for Mr. Hiranuma's office shared
the same set of digits, 7310.

We at FTTJ will continue to press all of the G8 leaders and sherpas
until the summit begins. The UK Government e-petitions are open until
the 29th of this month. Please continue to share this information to
your friends and families so that Tibet can receive the urgent
attention it needs right now.

- Immediately admitting foreign media into Tibet
- Allowing the International Red Cross and other humanitarian
organizations into Tibet
- Permit UN investigators to enter and conduct investigations in Tibet
- Stopping its vilification of the Dalai Lama
- Releasing all who were detained since the 10th of March
- Stopping its crackdown and withdraw armed security forces
- Stopping its forced nationalistic re-education campaign

Thank you !


To spread this action to the G8 countries, please post this petition
on the bulletin boards and blogs (such as YouTube, Facebook and
MySpace) and sites that focus on the Tibet issue, human rights and
international politics. (Do it legally please!)

If you have friends in the G8 member countries, please ask them to
send the petition to the G8 leaders.

The below is an open letter by Prof. Robert Thurman, a world famous
Indo-Tibetan Buddhist scholar.

The first half is a statement, and the second half is a format for
the petition.

What's happening in Japan on Free Tibet and Tibet-China dialogue at
G8 / letter by Robert Thurman

After thousands of Japanese protested at the torch relay in Nagano, a
newly formed initiative, "Save Tibet Network," organized 4,200 strong
public members. This group called for a free Tibet during Hu Jintao's
visit in Japan. Within one month, an astonishing 32,000 signatures
were collected in Japan for a petition to urge the Japanese
government, the United Nations and the Chinese government to act
immediately to solve the Tibet issue.

The open letter below was written by Dr. Robert A.F. Thurman and
calls for immediate action. Dr. Thurman is a world renowned professor
of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist studies in the Department of Religion at
Columbia University. He was once chosen by TIME magazine as one of
its "25 Most Influential Americans," described as a "larger than life
scholar-activist destined to convey the dharma, the precious
teachings of Siddhartha, from Asia to America."

You can simply sign your name at the end of the letter or write your
own by including the following 3 points, and send it to your country's leader:

* Invite the Dalai Lama (with other Nobel Peace Prize laureates) to
have a dialogue with Hu Jintao along with the G8 members to resolve
the Tibet issue. ASEAN countries as well as India, Pakistan and
Afghanistan may also monitor this meeting.
* Pressure the Chinese government to have continuous and meaningful
dialogue with the Dalai Lama and his representatives following the summit
* Have an independent group ensure the continuation of the dialogue

Join us to make this happen!

Dear G8 World Leaders,

We write you collectively with a serious request for you to take a
step that would have far reaching consequences for the world.

I'm sure you agree that the integration of China into the community
of nations as a responsible, peaceful, and cooperative actor on the
world stage is one of the two most important challenges facing us all
right now.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama is one of the most well-known, respected,
and visionary spiritual leaders in the world, quite familiar to all
of you and to the people of your countries. The leaders of China are
the only ones who do not know him personally, and that is something
you all in concert could do something about. He can be of invaluable
help in moving this integration in the right direction.

The Dalai Lama is a friend of China, its people, and its leadership.
He wants their good just as much as he wants the good of the six
million Tibetans he feels most responsible for. He is not unhappy for
himself as things stand - as a realized Buddhist monk he is quite
content in the state of "having gone from home to homelessness" (the
description of a Buddhist renunciate), and India is considered the
"Holy Land" by Buddhists.

Once the Chinese leadership takes the steps necessary to make his
people happy by truly granting them the real autonomy they are
promised in the Chinese constitution, then he will see to it that
China's deep wish for acknowledged, legitimate sovereignty over Tibet
is fulfilled. This is not at all that hard for China to do; it would
gain the Chinese leadership enormous prestige, would be of great
benefit to the Chinese and the Tibetan people, and crucial to
preserve the Tibetan Buddhist culture and the fragile environment of
the Tibetan high plateau.

The Chinese leaders' fear of the Dalai Lama and of the spirituality
he represents has prevented them from getting to know him and
enlisting his help in resolving their problems with the people of
Tibet. By bringing him and them together at a world leaders' summit
would defuse this obstacle and initiate a whole new level of resolve
on all sides to resolve this tragic situation that has persisted for
more than half a century. It would be an historic event.

Perhaps to defuse the Chinese leaders' reluctance to meet His
Holiness, a half a dozen Nobel Laureates could be invited along with
him; say Tutu, Wiesel, Gore, Yunus, Williams, Ibadi. There could be a
special session for the G8 leaders with these Laureates, to have the
Laureates' perspective on the world situation; and then a private
meeting between Dalai Lama and Hu Jintao would not be so conspicuous.

If this meeting can be effected, there is no doubt an important
follow-up process will be initiated by the Chinese leaders
themselves, the steps of which will be obvious. In hopes that you
will give this proposal your strongest and most careful consideration
and will decide to take this critical step at this critical moment.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Robert A.F. Thurman
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