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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

Nepal Tibetans Begin their March to Tibet

June 27, 2008

By Tenzin Sangmo
June 25, 2008

New Delhi, June 25 - Forty two Tibetans comprising of 23 monks, 17
nuns and 2 laymen began their journey from Kathmandu to Tibet today.
The peaceful movement was spearheaded by volunteers who got together
in view of the current Tibet crisis and the Nepalese Government's
treatment of Tibetan protestors on its soil.

The small crew embarked on the revolutionary march to their homeland
some nine kilometers outside the City of Kathmandu. Fearing any
activity will be viewed as anti-Chinese by the authorities and
snubbed even before it started in the Capital, marchers decided to
travel to the outskirts and make their way through mountains and
terrains avoiding highways and major expressways to keep away from
the police and risk being arrested.

Ever since the unrest in Tibet three months ago, Tibetans and support
groups worldwide have staged protests against Chinese brutality.
There are some 20,000 Tibetan refugees in Nepal who have protested
regularly at the Chinese Consulate and the Chinese Embassy in
Kathmandu. Nepal on its part does not tolerate anti-Chinese
activities and have since used force to break up peaceful rallies and
beaten demonstrators men, women and children alike.

In view of this bitter fact where Tibetan refugees still live under
fear of acting out against their agitator in a free country, marchers
have decided to take the path less trodden to make their way back to
a land their ancestors once fled.

Their goal is to make over into Tibet and even though they anticipate
some resistance at the border they are hopeful their effort will pay
off and will live to see the sun shine over Tibet once again.

Tibetans have taken it upon themselves to carry out various forms of
peaceful protests against China until the issue of basic human rights
and freedom to expression among others is resolved. They aim to move
forward with their resistance until peace in restored on the roof of the world.
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