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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

China announces next "Round of Talks" with H.H. the Dalai Lama's representatives

July 2, 2008

Tibet Custom (UK)
June 29, 2008

London -- In an increasingly critical environment after China's
crackdown in Tibet, China has announced the "Next Round of Talks"
with representatives of His Holiness to be held some time in the next
few weeks. Previously China has said that His Holiness "should
cherish" an opportunity to talk with the Chinese while at the same
time the talks have been just that talks with not substantive
agreement by the Chinese on anything at all.

China say's His Holiness the Dalai Lama wishes Tibet to be
independent, whereas in fact he has said over the last 20 years or
more that he merely wishes to have China restore the Autonomy granted
to Tibet (including those area's now subsumed into surrounding
Chinese Cantons that were once part of the Tibet Autonomous Region)
under the Chinese constitution.

This Map shows how the area of Tibet has over the last 50 years been
"Eaten" up by China, all the area in the map below is in fact Tibet
and is guaranteed autonomy under the Chinese constitution.
See a map:

So you can see just how much of Tibet has been whittled away by the
Chinese over the last 50 years.

They wish to fool the world into thinking that Tibet is much smaller
than it actually is.

Talks with the Chinese have so far centred on the fact that China
wishes to take all this land from Tibet, but historically China has
never really ruled Tibet at all, it was the Mongols who ruled Tibet
for a while, but then they also ruled China.

Tibet was first mentioned in Ptolemy's Geographical works over 2000
years ago and has remained a distinct nation for longer than most
nation states have existed or indeed longer than the very idea of a
nation state has existed.

China wishes to bend history to serve it's own ends, namely it's
imperial ambitions to dominate Asia. The next map shows that Tibet is
not alone in it's suffering under Chinese imperial rule.

Communist China (Red) has subsumed Inner Mongolia (Yellow), East
Turkistan (Blue), and Tibet to make it's self a full 200% bigger than
it really is. All these people suffer under China's iron fist, not
only they though for the Chinese people themselves do not fare so
well under the rule of their own people.
See a map <>

It is in this light that "Negotiations" take place with China.

China is also under pressure from the US who have refused China any
new consulates until the US gets it's own consulate in Lhasa, the
Americans now wish to keep a closer eye on Beijing's power games in Tibet.

Many people feel the Chinese are just playing for time, hoping that
the Dalai Lama will die and than they feel the problem will be
solved. China's big problem is that they have always seen the Dalai
Lama as the problem, whereas the problem is their disasterous policy
in Tibet and other minority area's.

China is looking the wrong way at the problem and at this moment in
time is actively seeking a policy of cultural annihilation as carried
out by the current Tibetan policy architect  Li Dezhu who stated
rather Chillingly "the problem of minorities will be definitively
solved by mass Han migration" or maybe even more Chillingly "those
who do not love the motherland are not qualified to be human beings"
these are not mild statements, but it is in this light that talks are
taking place and have been taking place for years. Not all party
officials think this way but most do and they get promoted because of
their loyalty to this kind of nonsense.

So the Chinese have offered to talk more, it would be beneficial if
they perhaps listened or were actually open to discussion, but it
appears this is not really the case, in fact they have been anything
but. When the leadership changes their mind about things then maybe
there will be some real progress, but at the moment the Chinese do
not want progress just resignation. Quite why His Holiness is asked
to treasure such an occasion is difficult to understand unless you
realise the people saying this (the Chinese Leadership) are so far
removed from reality that they actually believe their own propaganda,
which unfortunately they are.
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