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Canadian VisionTV's "God in China"

July 2, 2008

Programming event looks at the spiritual life of an emerging global power
Canada NewsWire  (CNW)
June 30, 2008

Press Release

TORONTO, June 30, CNW - With the Beijing Olympic Games set to begin
on August 8, world attention is focused now on China as never before.

Much has been written about the country's emergence as an economic
powerhouse, and about the growing tension between an authoritarian
regime and a new generation that craves Western-style freedoms.

But what of religion? What do China's citizens believe in? What part
does spiritual faith play in the lives of a people experiencing
massive economic and cultural upheaval?

Beginning on Monday, July 21, VisionTV presents "God in China," a
week-long programming event that investigates these very questions.
The multi-faith and multicultural broadcaster offers a series of
documentaries that examine China's past and present, and shed light
upon the spiritual lives of its people.

Highlights will include the Canadian television premiere of the
two-part documentary China's Leap of Faith (airing July 22 and 23),
an in-depth account of the country's 21st century religious revival.

Other documentary presentations will consider the history of
Confucianism, the Dalai Lama's campaign against Chinese rule in
Tibet, and the human cost of economic reform.

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