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Dalai Lama: Bush Has Lack of Understanding of Reality

July 20, 2008

The Huffington Post
July 18, 2008

The Dalai Lama, in a lecture in Philadelphia yesterday, told a group of
about 2,000,

     Things are not black and white. Things are relative. Things are
interdependent. When we look at a situation we have to consider all the

     Many world disasters, including war, including the Iraq war, are
due to lack of this holistic nature (looking at all the factors). Like
Saddam Hussein -- ending things for him. Reality is not that simple.

     Of course, I have great respect for, in fact, I love President
Bush, because he is very frank, very straightforward. His intentions are
good, but some of his policy in spite of his sincere motivation and
right goal, and some of his method becomes unrealistic because of lack
of understanding about reality.

He went on to explain,

     "You cannot look in one direction. In order to see reality, (you)
have to see in three or four or seven dimensions" and that this applies
in the economical field, political field and international relations."

The Philadelphia talk was sponsored by the Mongolian Kalmyk Buddhist
order, which his holiness, the Dalai Lama, said was very close,
teachings-wise, to Tibetan Buddhism and to the challenge of maintaining
its culture, having left its homeland.

The main message the Dalai Lama presented was the idea of aiming for
world peace through inner and outer disarmament. He explained that to
reach a point where nations would outwardly disarm, people must first
inwardly disarm, by becoming compassionate, not just with friends, but
with all people, including those perceived as enemies.

About 2000 people attended the event at the Kimmel center. Upon
finishing his talk, he was presented with a large birthday cake which
was shared with all the attendees-- a Dalai Lama cake.

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