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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

Candle for Tibet announce possibly the biggest Candle Light Demonstration in the world

July 28, 2008

Tibet Custom (UK)
July 26 2008

Candle for Tibet announce possibly the biggest Candle Light
Demonstration in the world and encourage everyone to join in for a free Tibet.

August 7th 2008 is the day before the opening ceremony of The Olympic
Games in Beijing. On this day we aim to create the world's greatest
LIGHT PROTEST, when at least 100 million people from all over the
world will light a candle and say YES to freedom in Tibet!

All you are asked to do is to light a simple candle
on August 7th at 9 pm in your own time zone.

Light the Candle at your home, workplace or in a public place. Put
the candle in your Window, or on your desk, or anywhere else where
other people will see it and hopefully do the same.

Our light protest will be seen by billions on TV screens all over the
world on the day the Beijing Olympics open. We are not against the
Olymipcs or anything else for that matter, we stand for Freedom. Period.

On the following day we will issue letters to every head of state in
the world to tell him exactly how many people from his country wish
Tibet to be free. We will also demand that each one of them will act
for the freedom of Tibet.

We will also issue letters to the general secretary of UN, the
government in Beijing and to other global organizations with data on
global participation.


A light protest is similar to a normal protest (the kind you hear
about in the news or in the papers) but with several main differences:

* A light protest unites millions of people around the world.
* A light protest invites people to take a simple act on a specific
moment in time, for a single goal.
* A light protest is a new global medium which enhances the power of
one person to make a stand.
* A light protest will always fight for a noble cause, such as human
rights, freedom of choice, thought, belief and so on.
* A light protest is non-profit, and non-violent!

Remember, that a light protest depends on each and every one of us
making our stand on the same day, and inviting other people & friends to join.

It's as simple as that and very effective!

Public Candle Lighting Around the World.

Most up to date vigil list Here

Here you can find information on candle light vigils near you.

Unless specifically noted, they will all start at 9 p.m. local time.

If you want to add your vigil, please let us know:

Country  City  Location  Details/Contact
UK          London  Opposite the Chinese Embassy  Between 18:00 to 20:00
Germany  Berlin  in front of the Brandenburg Gate  More details here
Brasil          Brasilia  in front of Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia  em
frente a Catedral Metropolitana de Brasília onde formaremos o simbolo
da paz no gramado da frente,
UK          Canterbury  Outside the Beaney Institute (Canterbury Library),
Canterbury High Street 
USA          San Francisco  Justin Hermann Plaza Foot of Market
Street/Embarcadero  We encourage especially peoples with Disabilities
To Join With Us Please !
USA          Indiana  Monument Circle in Downtown Indianaplis 
USA          Metro Seattle  Renton City Piazza Circle.  7:15 - 8:15 Pm |
Seattle Friends of Tibet
Greece          Athens  Syntagma Square  Friends of Tibet,Athens
Iceland  Reykjavík  Lækjartorg  Friends of Tibet in Iceland
Philippines  Cebu City  Mambaling Mini Park  'Concert for Tibet
Awareness' at 7pm. Details here
The Netherlands  The Hague  Peace Palace
(  Starting at 20:00, Contact Yolanda Simon
Sweden, Stockholm  Sergels torg, T-Centralen 
Spain  Barcelona  Plaza de Catalunya  From 20 hrs to 22 hrs
Mexico  Mexico City  Angel de la Independencia
New Zealand          Wellington  Civic Square, Wellington  5.30pm to 6.30pm
Trinidad and Tobago  Couva/b>  Field in front of Couva South MP
office  8.30pm to 10.00pm

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