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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

What awaits after the Beijing Olympics

July 31, 2008

By Tenzin Sangmo
July 30, 2008

New Delhi, July 30 -- The Tibetan Solidarity Committee, a Joint
Committee of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile and the Central Tibetan
Administration (CTA) held a press briefing at the Press Club of
India, New Delhi today. Karma Chophel, Chairman of the Tibetan
Solidarity Committee chaired the conference with Minister of the
Department of Information and International Relations, CTA, Kesang
Takla and Deputy Speaker Gyari Dolma acting as speakers.

Karma Chophel in his statement said that the Chinese government had
put forth a set of demands known as the four 'not to support' for the
Dalai Lama to fulfill namely, 1) not to support activities to disturb
the Beijing Olympic Games to be held in Beijing, 2) not to support
plots to fan violent criminal activities, 3) not to support but
actively curb violent terrorist activities of the Tibetan Youth
Congress, and 4) not to support any activities to seek independence
for Tibet or its separation from China.

He further mentioned that the Tibetan Solidarity Committee was in
favor of meaningful movements for Tibetan rights and not a single
campaign was being carried out by them to harm or disrupt the Olympic
Games. He reiterated CTA's stand that His Holiness and the Tibetan
Parliament stood in favor of the Beijing Olympics and supported it

Talking about organizations that shared a different view objecting to
the Beijing Olympics Kalon Takla said, " Tibetans function with a
democratic charter in India and though groups like the Tibetan Youth
Congress push for independence; a stand different from the Central
Tibetan Administration, we also recognize the fact that they do so
non-violently and through peaceful means. These organizations are
free to do as they will provided they adhere to the laws of the land
and put their point across through non-violence."

China's internal party documents had earlier revealed propagandist
strategy of tightening its grip over Tibet. Zhang Qingli, Party
Secretary of Communist China to Tibet is disclosed to have spoken
about cleaning out monasteries and strengthening administrative
committees which will allow them absolute control over Tibetans.

"Propaganda and education are our party's greatest advantages. These
are the most useful weapons with which to defend ourselves against
the Dalai Lama group. So let the propaganda department work more
actively to expose its plots," he is quoted to have said.

"We fear that the worst is yet to come and it will be after the
Olympics", said an emotional Deputy Speaker Dolma Gyari.
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