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SFT to Launch 24 hour Online TV Channel

August 3, 2008

August 2, 2008

The Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) has announced that it will launch
Free Tibet 2008 Television (FT08.TV), a 24 hour online television
channel broadcasting on the internet to go live from August 8 through
the end of the Games on August 24. FT08.TV will be co-produced from
several different cities, with a central production hub in London.

"FT08.TV will be actively inviting video submissions from Students
for a Free Tibet's grassroots membership and others interested in
these topics, and we're also working to create a platform for
discussion, comments, and feedback so that in essence this channel
will be a counterpoint to the lack of media openness we're seeing in
Beijing as the Games approach, and of course in Tibet," said Han
Shan, Olympics Campaign Coordinator during a press briefing late last month.

FT08.TV aims to broadcast breaking reports about Olympics, Tibet
related protests, pro-Tibet efforts in Beijing, newsmaker interviews,
pofiles of Tibet activists, Skype/chat/call-in talk shows, video
press releases and in house statements. SFT also hopes to provide an
interesting and entertaining look at the Tibetan community and the
Free Tibet movement apart from showcasing mini-documentaries about a
number of Tibet and Olympics-related issues.

"As a global network, SFT will be coordinating and participating in
efforts worldwide. This network will have a hub in Asia on the same
time as Beijing, as well as hubs in London, New York, Toronto, and
San Francisco. In addition, we'll have grassroots leaders and people
available for press comment in Delhi and Dharamsala and other cities
in India, in cities throughout Europe, and in cities throughout North
America." he further added.

"At this moment Tibet is locked down by the Chinese military and it
is extremely difficult to get information about the situation on the
ground. All internet communications and phone calls are strictly
monitored and the passing of information about protests or the
ensuing crackdown to outside sources and journalists is being treated
almost as harshly as participating in a protest itself." reiterated
Executive Director Lhadon Tethong pressing the urgent need for global
support and people of conscience to keep the struggle for freedom alive.
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