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Chinese Embassies Targets of Next 'Candle for Tibet' Event

August 12, 2008

On the heels of its global success last week, 'Candle for Tibet'
declares that it will not let Tibet be forgotten after the Beijing
Olympic Games, and publicizes its next action: vigils outside Chinese
embassies worldwide on the night before the Olympic closing ceremony.
August 11, 2008

Tel Aviv, August 11, 2008 -- Three days after millions of people from
over 150 countries lit candles for freedom in Tibet, 'Candle for
Tibet' (CFT) announces its next protest action.

CFT is organizing public candle lighting vigils in front of every
Chinese embassy across the globe on Saturday, August 23, at 9:00 p.m.
of each embassy's local time. This date is the night before the
closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Last week's CFT action, called "The Greatest Light Protest on Earth,"
started Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on the eve of the opening ceremony of
the Olympic Games. Thursday's protest event began with thousands of
people in Dharamsala, India marching with candles and torches in
their hands. Millions more in hundreds of cities around the world
then joined the global candle lighting vigil when their local time
hit 9:00 p.m.

CFT participants lit candles in their homes, with friends and in
public squares and other settings to express their support of freedom
for Tibet. Vigils were reported in almost every major city in the
world. In Sydney, Australia alone there were at least four separate vigils.

Protest group Sad Smokey Mountains also lit red smoke flares from the
peaks of mountains worldwide, and the Art of Peace Foundation held a
CFT candle lighting vigil during the launch party for its album
'Songs for Tibet.' Artists who contributed tracks to the charity
album include Sting, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Alanis Morissette,
and Imogen Heap.

Tibetan vocal diva Yungchen Lhamo and Buddhist scholar and author
Robert Thurman also participated in candle lighting vigils. And His
Holiness the Dalai Lama offered his blessing of the collective global event.

"We realize that Tibet is in the news because of the Olympic Games,
but we will not allow the world to forget Tibet just because the
Olympic Games have ended," said David Califa, who started the CFT
campaign four months ago. "We believe that after the world has seen
China's showcase of 'digitizing' its people during the opening
ceremony, we can expect much greater participation in our next light protest."

CFT participants are also encouraged to light candles at home, with
friends and in public places on August 23 if there is no Chinese
embassy in their area. Califa advises those who plan to protest in
front of a Chinese embassy or in another public space to get a permit to do so.

"Our people are already working on getting the appropriate permits
from police and local authorities around the world," said Califa.

Thurman, who led last week's CFT vigil in New York City's Union
Square, has said, "The Candle for Tibet initiative is a most
wonderful thing, fitting in with the Tibetan tradition of lighting
votive lamps in long rows in temples and in special butter lamp
houses outside. We seem powerless to ameliorate conditions on the
ground [in Tibet] in the present crisis moment. This peaceful prayer
vigil, since it focuses the minds of many millions on the different
sufferings of tormented and tormentor alike, is a powerful way to
intervene. And it does not preclude anything else we can think of and
do further on. I hope everyone who reads this will join in this
important effort."

"We have been receiving fantastic reports from all over the world"
said Califa, an Israeli citizen who has received significant help
with organizing the CFT campaigns from Jens Muegge of Germany and
Qristina Cooper, a UK citizen living in the US. "When I woke up on
Friday, I had more than 1,200 e-mails waiting from participants
wanting to share how their local vigils went. It was a simply amazing
collective global event."

The CFT campaign is a true grassroots campaign. Started as an event
in the social networking Web site Facebook, it quickly moved into an
independent Web site at and launched its own
social network at Candle4Tibet now boasts over
4,000 registered network participants who have assisted in the
organizing of millions of vigil participants worldwide.

The campaign has no formal administration of any kind, no official
spokesperson and no established relations with the media, and it
operates on a miniscule budget. However, it has grown exponentially
by leveraging its participants' contacts in almost every social
network across the Internet as well as the contacts of organizations
that support the CFT mission.

Today CFT enjoys support from H.H. the Dalai Lama, the International
Tibet Support Network (ITSN), an international coalition of
nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that support Tibet, Students for
a Free Tibet, and numerous other Tibet and human rights support
groups. It is also endorsed by prominent public figures such as Thurman.

A complete list of CFT public vigils that took place can be found at Photos and videos of last week's
candle lighting vigils may be seen at
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