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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

Silent March Observed in Tokyo

August 26, 2008

Tibet House, Shinjuku-ku JAPAN
August 24, 2008

Tokyo -- Tibetan Community in Tokyo supported by the members of Tibet
Support Network Japan observed a silent March in Tokyo to send a
message to the Beijing and IOC that the Beijing Olympics did not
lived up to the sacred vision of Olympics. The Event, which was
celebrated to elevate the ideals of freedom, peace and harmony, has
on the contrary brought repression, violation of human right and
press freedom.

People gathered at the Ebisu Park in Tokyo at 4 pm, Mr Kalden,
Tibetan Community Representative begun the March explaining the
objective of this silent March. He said today as the Beijing
celebrates the successful end of the Olympics, we are here to inform
them of their brutal deeds in Tibet, since the event unfolding March
10 this year, brutal repression, killing and arbitrary arrest and
torture has continued in Tibet.

`We all are here to mourn and pray for those killed and tortured, and
to send message to the Chinese authorities that they should come out
of their false image and face the reality. Violence and brutality
will only tarnish image of China, we pray that this Olympic and our
silent March serves to open the eyes of Chinese leadership.` Said Mr.

Despite continuous downpour on the day, some two hundred and fifty
Tibetans and Japanese had gathered for the silent March. The
participants mostly clad in black T-shirt marched silently from Ebisu
Park to Shibuya streets in Tokyo carrying Tibetan national flags and
various placards with the photos of the Tibetans killed in Tibet and
with slogan such as `Stop Killing in Tibet, Save Tibet` etc. People
carried mock funeral boxes made out of cart boxes wrapped with
Tibetan national flag. The March gave a kind of funeral service atmosphere.

Many Japanese were seen marching with tears, it was reported that
many Japanese feels that the World cannot ignore what is happening in
Tibet. Some people said they boycotted watching Olympics on
television. Many fear that if China could act with such brutality
when the world is looking at them, it is not hard imagine what will
happen after Olympics.

Some Major Japanese Newspapers and Television networks covered the
event. A candle light prayers was held at the end of the March.
Announcement on Mass Prayer and Fasting event on 30th Aug was also
announced before the gathering.
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