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Tibetan Canadian honoured as “Pacifist of the Year” in Montreal

September 26, 2008

By Brian Bronfman
Conflict Solutions
Montreal, 21 September, 2008

At ceremonies in Montreal recognizing the United Nations International
Day of Peace, a Tibetan Canadian—Thubten Samdup—was named Pacifist of
the Year.  Mr. Samdup, National Chair of the Dalai Lama Foundation
Canada, received the honour in recognition of his two decades of work
for the well-being of the Tibetan people, and for his tireless devotion
to peace and nonviolence.

During ceremonies this past Sunday, an enthusiastic crowd enjoyed the
beauty and tranquility of Montreal’s famous Mount Royal Park, while
listening to speeches by dignitaries and peace activists, as well as
performances by musical artists, all of whom extolled the virtues of
peace and the need to practice it both in our personal lives and in the
actions of our nations.

Partway through the festivities, after a minute of silence was observed
and 21 doves (representing September 21st being the Day of Peace) were
released, lead organizer Jean Trudel of the organization Cercle de Paix
announced that Mr. Samdup had been named Pacifist of the Year, and
congratulations were given by Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay.

Speaking both in French and in English, Mr. Samdup humbly accepted the
award, and spoke of the Tibetan people as exemplary seekers of peace,
whose nonviolent struggle and whose deeply-ingrained values are models
for the world.

A proud Tibetan, proud Canadian, and proud Quebecer, Mr. Samdup also
announced that His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be visiting Montreal
next year, in recognition and support of exciting changes within the
Quebec educational system that should help to create a generation of
young Quebecers who value peace, social harmony, and inter-dialogue,
consistent with His Holiness’ own teachings and philosophy.

Before heading the Dalai Lama Foundation Canada, Mr. Samdup founded the
Canada Tibet Committee, and he continues to be a social and economic
entrepreneur whose recent initiatives include the launching of a newly
invigorated effort on “Electing the Next Kalon Tripa,” and the creation
of Tibet Innovations, which aims to provide economic opportunities for
young Tibetans in South and Central Asia.
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