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Dalai Lama to visit Seattle in April

November 16, 2007

Seattle Post Intelligencer

The Dalai Lama will be in Seattle in April to take part in four days 
of discussions on raising children to be happy, kind adults, event 
organizer Seeds of Compassion announced Wednesday.

According to the announcement, the Tibetan religious leader will join 
a panel of scientists, public policy leaders and other dignitaries 
during free events at the Seattle Center and Qwest Field. The largest 
event is scheduled to take place at Qwest Field on the first day of 
the event, Saturday, April 12.

This week the Dalai Lama said the goal of the conference is to help 
children understand the value of compassion.

"I believe that to achieve a happy life -- on an individual, family, 
national or global level -- we ultimately need to reach 
wholeheartedness of compassion," the Nobel laureate said in a statement.

"I really feel that this conference can plant positive seeds for a 
happy future, a happy world, particularly for children. They, the 
younger generation, are the real basis for our hope."

Presentations during the event will be broadcast live on the 
Internet. A variety of presentations aimed at educators and children 
are scheduled, including one aimed at reducing aggression levels 
among young children.

Seeds of Compassion, headed by former Seattle Schools Superintendent 
Raj Manhas, aims to improve social learning for young children. The 
organization was created earlier this year with funding from the 
Kirlin Charitable Foundation of Bellevue.

"Many established organizations and programs here in Washington state 
are engaged in improving the tools and support to help children 
develop emotionally and cognitively," Manhas said.

"Seeds of Compassion will serve as the unifying catalyst to amplify 
this work by bringing the collective heart of the Northwest and the 
world together during this four-day celebration of hope."

The fledging organization has become partners with several early 
learning-oriented charities and research organizations. Gov. Chris 
Gregoire is the honorary chairwoman of Seeds of Change.

April's visit will be the Dalai Lama's third to Seattle. He was last 
in the Northwest in 2001, when he spoke at a peace rally in Portland.

Organizers expect about 40,000 people will attend the Qwest Field 
event. More information is available online at
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