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Two For Joy - Miss Tibet on October 12

October 6, 2008

October 3, 2008

Dharamshala, October 3 -- Two Tibetan girls will vie for this year's
Miss Tibet Pageant, announced Lobsang Wangyal, the founder and
director of the pageant. However, the names of the girls will be
announced on the day of the actual competition. There will be four
rounds of contest.

The two contenders will be trained in yoga, dance and stagecraft, and
will be given orientation on Tibetan culture for a week, says
Lobsang, who also organized the first Tibetan music awards, and
Tibetan Olympics.

Miss Tibet 2008 will win 100,000 rupees (2,500 USD approx), and the
runners up will receive 50,000.00 rupees (1250 USD approx).

The prize money is offered to help the winners further their
education or vocational skills, Lobsang said.

Tibetan businessman Gyalnor Tsewang, a member of the Tibetan
parliament sponsored 50,000 rupees for the pageant and Asia Health
Resorts will be co-sponsoring the event.

Though the pageant has received substantial media attention in the
past the Tibetan community itself is yet to fully accept it as a
serious competition. The number of girls participating in the pageant
has dwindled over the years making it hard for the organizers to
continue the pageant.

The expenses of the event are mostly derived from advertisements of
local businesses in the pageant brochure.

"We are still looking for funding assistance to cover the costs of
the pageant and the prize money," Lobsang said.

The pageant will take place in the evening of Sunday, 12 October at
the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts here.

This is the seventh Miss Tibet pageant since 2002 and for 2003 and
2005 there were only one contestant.
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