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Bring People's Opinion to the Special Meeting: TPIE

October 6, 2008

October 3, 2008

Dharamshala, October 3 -- The Tibetan Parliament in Exile today
issued an announcement related to the 'Special Meeting' in November.

According to the announcement in Tibetan language, travel expenses of
participants for the meeting will have to be borne by concerned
parties and that the Tibetan government will not provide travel
allowances. Former Kalons (Tibetan ministers) and former members of
parliament can apply for travel allowances from the Tibetan
government if they can't afford their trips, the announcement further says.

The announcement also said that the former Kalons, former MPs and
delegates from the Tibetan communities abroad will be given rent and
daily allowance as the TGIE will not arrange accommodation, and that
all other participants must arrange their own accommodation.

The organizers will arrange lunch and refreshments only during the
meeting, the delegates will have to take care of their other meals.

The members of the parliament from the four religious traditions and
Bon tradition must take the responsibility of assigning delegates
from their religious constituencies, the announcement said.

According to the announcement, Individuals willing to attend the
meeting through the quota of 25 activists and other individual
supporters from India, Bhutan, and Nepal and 25 from the rest of the
world must send their bio-data and email address to the Tibetan
parliament by October 20, 2008 and await response from the Tibetan
Parliamentary Secretariat. Click here for the contact details

Representatives, Welfare Officers, Local Tibetan Assemblies, regional
Tibetan Freedom Movements, people's representatives from other areas
without the aforementioned bodies must collaboratively work towards
collecting people's opinions and suggestions through detailed
discussions, and present them in writing at the meeting, it read.
Likewise, Tibetan schools, the four religious traditions and Bon
tradition, and other autonomous bodies should also facilitate
collection of suggestions and opinions for the meeting, said the announcement.

The Representatives of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and executive
members of the Tibetan community bodies abroad should also collect
suggestions and opinions from their respective localities, it said.
All delegates are required to report to the Tibetan Parliamentary
Secretariat by November 16, 2008.

Not an official translation, in case of doubts contact Tibetan parliament
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