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Health Kalon to Visit Tibetan Settlements in Nepal

October 7, 2008
October 6 2008

Dharamshala -- Health Kalon Chope Paljor Tsering left Dharamshala on
Sunday for official visit to the Tibetan settlements based in Nepal,
according to the health department.

Prior to leaving for Nepal, the health kalon will deliver talks to a
group of Tibetan doctors, health workers and medical students at
Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in New Delhi, on 7 and 8 October.

During his five-day visit to Nepal starting on 10 October, the health
Kalon will to assess the general health and living conditions of the
Tibetan people during his inspection visits to settlements in the
capital Kathmandu, Jwalakhel, Phagshing and Chorten. He will meet
with the representatives of the settlements.

He will also meet officials of the United Nations' Human Rights
Council, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, diplomats and members of
non-governmental organizations.

 From 16-22 October, he will visit four Tibetan settlements in
Pokhara and other settlements based in Dorpatan in Baglung district,
Namgyaling in Chairok, Mustang and Tibetans living in southern Nepal.

He will leave Nepal for New Delhi on 23 October, from which he will
fly to Bangalore in south India.

In Bangalore, he will to visit Manipal Medical College and will
discuss preventive health care measures and other health related
issues with the concerned officials at the college.

He will be back in his office on 30 October.
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