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Atlas Printed in Hong Kong for Tibet Objections

October 9, 2008

October 8, 2008

Dharamshala, Oct. 8 - Earth, the new out-sized atlas from Millennium
House, was printed in Hong Kong to avoid a possible embargo by China,
Millennium House managing director Gordon Cheers told WBN.

Cheers said he could not risk the new title being embargoed by the
Chinese government because of objections to the way the title treated
certain regions. 'We had published some books in China last year that
were embargoed,' said Cheers. 'We know what the problems are but as a
publisher we choose to treat Tibet and Taiwan in the way we do.'

Instead of publishing in China, Cheers had published Earth in Hong
Kong, where he says the costs were 20% higher. But, given that he
estimates the atlas as representing 90% of his company's income for
the year, Cheers said he had no other choice.

'We had a book printed [in China] and there were fifteen maps spread
in different sections. Each were marked up by the Chinese government
to be changed, and that was a book on geology, so you can imagine the
impact it would have on an atlas,' he said.

Cheers said objections to certain print jobs in China was 'only
recent--the last 18 months'.

Putting Queensland on the Map, a biography by Felicity Jack, was
turned down by a Chinese printer earlier in August for mentioning
Tibet-China border.

Elizabeth Menzies, publisher at the UNSW Press, the publisher of the
biography, said the printer had suggested the 'China-Tibet border'
should be removed. The UNSW Press refused the words to be removed and
was advised to print the title elsewhere.
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