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Tibet Supporters Protest in Brussels Against Chinese TV Censorship

October 13, 2008

October 10, 2008

Dharamshala, Oct 10 -- Protestors from Belgian Friends of Tibet
gathered at the European Commission in Brussels yesterday to protest
against Chinese government's censorship on New Tang Dynasty
Television which was broadcast in China through a French Satellite
Company Eutelsat.

NTDTV broadcasts were stopped 7 weeks before the beginning of the
Olympic games. It was the only independent TV channel in Chinese
language broadcast in China, according to Inge Hermans, president of
the Belgium friends of Tibet. NTDTV extensively covered the Tibet
unrest following March uprisings.

The protest was organized jointly by NTDTV and de Vrienden van Tibet
Belgium (Friends of Tibet, Belgium).

The protestors demanded freedom of press in China. Referring to the
milk poisoning in China, Hermans said that China as well as Eutelsat
is responsible for the 'inhuman suffering that was perpetrated on
many innocent Chinese children and their parents because the Chinese
government fears the open and honest dialogue that NTDTV had exemplified.'

We support NTDTV in their attempt to resume their broadcasts in
China, said Hermans. "We urge European Parliament to hold Eutelsat
accountable and responsible for the resumption of NTDTV broadcasts in
China so that Chinese people can again enjoy the objective programmes
that this channel provided.

Eutelsat attributed the abrupt end of NTDTV's transmissions in China
to technical problems but Hermans said it was not true. "The Chinese
government wants to monopolize the press and has done so at all
costs, including spying on internet users and illegally wiretapping
phone conversations."

Reporters within China are regularly arrested, intimidated and in
many respects thwarted in their attempts to accurately and openly
report events, said Hermans. "China jails more journalists than any
other country in the world and ranks 157th on world lists regarding
abuses against journalists."

"As we speak, there is a 'total media black-out' in force in Tibet
and her surrounding regions," Hermans said in her speech at the gathering.

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