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Miss Tibet 2008 beauty pageant attracts only two contestants

October 14, 2008

Newspost Online, India
October 12, 2008

Dharamsala, Oct.11 (ANI) -- Two Tibetan damsels will compete in the
Miss Tibet beauty pageant 2008 starting here on October 12.

The names of two participants would be disclosed on Sunday.

Tibetans say that current unrest in Tibet and their extremely
conservative society are factors responsible for the poor response.

"From my point of view, at least I can imagine something that
probably because of the recent unrest in Tibet, starting March and
then it continued in throughout April, May, June. There isn't any an
atmosphere for celebrations within Tibetan society. So I think
Tibetan girls are shying away form that," said Lobsang Wangyal,
Director Miss Tibet Pageant.

Wangyal added that continuation of Miss Tibet beauty pageant would
definitely help in improving Tibetan society.

The winner will receive 100,000 rupees, while the runners-up will
receive 50,000 rupees.

Dolma Tseringkyi, Miss Tibet 2003 agrees that traditional values and
the political unrest is preventing Tibetan girls from participating
in the event.

"It's really very disappointing that there are only two ladies this
year. One thing is the social pressure and the other is the
traditional thinking," she said.

Tseringkyi represented Tibet in Miss Tourism World contests in
Malaysia and Mexico, winning the Miss Goodwill and best National
Costumes titles respectively.

Miss Tibet 2006 was able to enter the Miss Earth competition 2006 in

Lobsang Wangyal Productions started the pageant in 2002 when a
majority of the four short-listed girls backed out facing flak from
community leaders. The pageant has survived through the years, at
times witnessing only a single participant.

The pageant has had its share of successes and failures on the
international stage. (ANI)
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