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Dalai Lama to guide mummifying Mundgod Monk

October 16, 2008

PK Surendran
Daily News & Analysis
October 14, 2008

BANGALORE -- Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama will guide the
mummifying of the body of the Mundgod monk, Lobsang Nyima Rinpoche in
Karnataka, who is believed to have remained for 18 days in
"Thukdham," a stage of life after death where the body lies in
meditative state without decomposing, and it is commonly practiced by
high lamas of Tibetan Buddhism after physical death. It is also said
that during that period the body maintains the inner air. But,
maintaining this sate of the body after death is considered possible
only with the divine personalities of spiritual powers.

Lobsang Nyama was declared dead by KLE hospital, Belgaum, on
September 13, but his disciples and followers in the Mundgod ashram
considered their leader to be in "Thukdham" which if prolonged leads
to reincarnation, according to Buddhist beliefs.

Consequently, the body was preserved and pooja conducted, and as the
days went by, Tibetans and locals thronged the ashram.The Tibetan
settlement at Mundgod is located some six hours drive from Goa. This
settlement is the largest in India and was founded in 1966.
Currently, there are nine camps with two monasteries and a nunnery.

The body had not decomposed weeks after the death.  This has evoked
great interests among Buddhist scholars and monks and modern
medicine. Tenzin Namdul, a Tibetan doctor at the Men-Tsee-Khang, and
Dr. Yangzom Dolker of Delek hospital, were sent to Mundgod, to
scientifically investigate the effect of Thukdham. They, along with
researchers and scientists from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research
Foundation, Bangalore, and doctors from KLE hospital, had recently
assessed the monk's condition.

The doctors measured the effect of this state on the Rinpoche's body
through EEG, ECG and body temperature using latest scientific
equipment. The Buddhist scientists and scholars have concluded that
the spiritual teacher had remained in "Thukdham" for 18 days, reports
Phayul, a Tibetan media portal.

The physician of KLE hospital, Dr.Vinay Mahishal, who had examined
the monk and pronounced him dead later, told DNA, "There's no doubt
that the monk is clinically dead, but I was surprised to see the
prime condition of the spiritual teacher's body weeks after his passing away."

"Thukdham' project was initiated last December in collaboration with
Dr. Richard Davidson's brain imaging laboratory at University of
Wisconsin under the guidance of Dalai Lama, says the report.

The visiting research teams have reportedly expressed great surprise
at the continued glow of the dead and recommended a further study of
this state, which might help unravel the secrets of life and death.

As soon as Dalai Lama is well and fit to travel, the mummification
process will begin.

Meanwhile, the ashram continues to draw large number of Buddhists and others.
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