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Art Politics -- A Cultural Diplomacy Fund

October 16, 2008

The Fund for the Cultural Preservation of Tibet and the Promotion of
Chinese Culture
Market Watch
October 15, 2008

LONDON, Oct 15, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Fund to Complement
China's $70 Million, Five-Year Commitment to Its Own Cultural
Preservation Projects Inside the Tibetan Autonomous Region

On the closing day of the 2008 Global Creative Leadership Summit
[23/09/08], the Louise Blouin Foundation announced a new cultural
diplomacy fund: The Fund for the Cultural Preservation of Tibet and
the Promotion of Chinese Culture. The mission of the fund is to
complement the already existing cultural preservation efforts in the
Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) by the Chinese Government, as well as
to promote both Chinese culture and dialogue between the West and
China. This platform, administered by the Louise Blouin Foundation,
seeks to obtain funds from Heads of State, foundations, artists,
corporations and private donors to further support domestic cultural
preservation efforts; to organize a series of international
exhibitions on Tibetan and Chinese culture; and to create online
promotional tools. The Louise Blouin Foundation has already received
a substantial contribution from Pace Beijing Gallery.

The first project launched as part of this effort is an exhibition by
one of China's most celebrated artists of the last two decades, WANG
GUANGYI, at the Louise Blouin Institute in London, from 17 October
2008 to 1 March 2009. This exhibition acts as a metaphor and warning
for the viewer to avoid a return to the Cold War. It encourages that
we look past our differences and work together in facing the threats
and challenges of the 21st century, such as bio-weapons and readily
available weapons of mass destruction.

"This project is critical to bringing all sides together and creating
dialogue by focusing on the common issue of culture," said Ms. Blouin
MacBain. "We are excited to work with other nations, foundations, and
corporations to protect, preserve and promote both Tibetan and
Chinese culture."

Additionally, the Louise Blouin Institute in collaboration with Pace
Beijing Gallery will present an exhibition by the renowned
contemporary Chinese artist Yue Minjun in the spring of 2009.

For further information or to donate to this fund, please visit

Donation tool provided by Google Checkout, for which the Foundation
is most grateful.

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