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Reform has taken Tibetology to new level

October 17, 2008

By Lin Qi
China Daily (People's Republic of China)
October 16, 2008

China's reform and opening up have taken Tibetology to a new level,
experts have said after reviewing the development of the religious
philosophy over the past three decades.

More than 200 international and domestic experts and scholars
exchanged the latest findings on, and progress in, Tibetology at the
Fourth Beijing Seminar on Tibetan Studies.

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Participants in the three-day seminar, which closes at the China
Tibetology Research Center (CTRC) in Beijing today, presented and
discussed their research works on the Tibet autonomous region's
society and economy, linguistics, literature, religion, Sanskrit,
museum studies, ancient history and Tibetan medicine.

Among other things, their reports gauged the impact of the
Beijing-Tibet Railway on the living conditions of Tibetan families,
examined the balance between environmental protection and economic
growth in Yarlung Tsangpo River valleys, and explored the
possibilities of developing Tibetan medicine.

"The reform and opening up policy has taken the course of Tibetology
to a new level," Lhagpa Phuntshogs, director-general of CTRC, said.
"The latest studies have broken the limitations of traditional
framework and a comprehensive system of modern Tibetology has been
established, covering almost all the social aspects of Tibet and
areas in other provinces where Tibetans live."

There has been a remarkable increase in the number and quality of
Tibetology publications and papers, researchers and research works,
education and publishing institutions, he said.

"The past years have witnessed booming exchanges between Chinese
Tibetology circles and the world, and more and more foreign experts
on Tibetology have come to China."
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