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Poem: Love

October 20, 2008

By Tsoltim N. Shakabpa
October 16, 2008

Love is appreciating God when life seems hopeless
It's becoming a vegetarian to save animals
Planting a tree on a parched earth
Saving an animal in distress
Nursing an ailing person

Love is blowing away a mosquito on your arm instead of killing it
It's extracting a thorn from a weeping child's hand
Giving alms to a wretched beggar on the street
Being a seeing eye dog for a blind person
Denying a cigarette to a loved one

Love is being magnetized by someone's beauty and brain
It's healing the wounds in a broken heart
Suckling a new born baby in your arms
Sharing a bed and dreams in old age
Placing a rose on a coffin

Love is giving up a princely kingdom to save mankind
It's respecting race, color, creed and national origin
Pinching pennies for a worthy cause
Giving one's life to God and country
Remembering a freedom fighter

Love is all of the above and more
It's pure and compassionate
Simple but limitless
It's what we all want
What we all must practice

Copyright ©Tsoltim N. Shakabpa - 2008
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