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Film: Peter Weir Finds 'The Way Back' To Soviet Gulag

October 20, 2008

Elisabeth Rappe
MTC Movie Blog
October 17, 2008

Peter Weir is one of the finest directors working today -- he's the
man behind such fantastic movies as "Master and Commander: The Far
Side of the World," "The Truman Show," "Witness," "Dead Poets
Society," and many more. The performances he gets out of actors like
Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, and Robin Williams will probably go down
as some of their personal bests. But unfortunately for us film fans,
Weir is notoriously choosy about his projects, and years go by before
we see something new from him.

Happily though, a new movie from Weir is finally on its way.
According to Variety, he's set to direct "The Way Back," the true
story of a group of soldiers who escaped from a Siberian gulag in 1940.

It's based on a script Weir penned himself, based largely on Slavomir
Rawicz's firsthand account "The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek
to Freedom." Rawicz was captured by the Red Army in 1939, and managed
to escape with several other inmates, traveling across the Siberian
arctic, the Gobi desert, and the Himalayas before finally settling in
Tibet and India.

The movie is set to begin filming in March, on location in Bulgaria.
There's no word on who might star, and I'm anxious to see who he
enlists for this grueling trek. This is one of the rare movies you
know in your gut is going to be good — I can't name a single bad Weir
film. They're solid all the way through.

Are you as excited by the prospect of a new Weir film as I am? It's
impossible to say who he'll cast, but what actors would you like to
see him work with?
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