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Indian youths hold 'Free Tibet' bike rally

October 20, 2008

October 17, 2008

Dharamsala, Oct 17 -- More than 150 Indian youths from Wardha in
India's Maharashtra state took part in a 'Free Tibet' bike rally last week.

The bike rally, themed "Free Tibet, Save India", from Wardha to
Deeksha Bhoomi in Nagpur was organized by National Campaign for Free
Tibet Support, a Tibet Support Group based in Wardha.

The Indian supporters, riding on around 60 motorcycles, carried
Tibetan national flag, placards with pro-Tibet slogans and wore
T-Shirts written "Free Tibet, Save India" to show their support for
Tibetan cause.

On reaching Deeksha Bhoomi, the participants were welcomed by the
Lama Lobsang, President of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Mrs.
Bhumkyi Dolma, President of Regional Tibetan Women's Association of
Bandhara and several members of India-Tibet Friendship Society.

Lobsang, who delivered the keynote address on reaching Nagpur,
thanked the people of the region and India for supporting Tibetan
people in their struggle for freedom. He added that Tibetans would
always remain grateful to them.

In Wardha and Nagpur, and all along the way, Tibetan activists and
Indian supporters handed out pamphlets and publications on Tibet
issue to hundreds of bystanders.
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