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Kalon Tripa ­ 2011 - Website Being Launched

October 23, 2008

Press Release
October 22, 2008

I am pleased to announce that the Kalon Tripa - 2011 website is going
to be launched this Friday, October 24th. It represents a grass roots
initiative to engage in a pre-election search for eligible candidates
to run for the office in 2011.

Our first press release went out on September 2nd. In the few weeks
that followed, we witnessed a tremendous interest and enthusiasm. The
idea of such an initiative has met with acclaim. The response, to
date, has been overwhelmingly optimistic. I am both overcome and
humbled by the earnest response and deep appreciation expressed by so
many enthusiastic Tibetans; not only from those within the exile
community but also, and significantly, those residing in Tibet.

As stated in my press release of September 2nd, the role of the next
Kalon Tripa will prove decisive. As such, it calls for a
strong-minded and dynamic individual, possessing the necessary
leadership qualities to see Tibetans through, what is likely to be, a
crucial period in our history. The next Kalon Tripa will inherit many
unique and new challenges. He or she will also have to shoulder a
greater measure of responsibility than previous Kalon Tripas. It is,
therefore, incumbent upon Tibetans to choose our next leader wisely.
We must rise to this historic challenge and take the 2011 election
very seriously. I call, especially, on the younger generation of
Tibetans, worldwide, to actively engage in this vital political process.

In these momentous times, it is imperative that we do everything
possible to seek out and nominate an optimal group of candidates. The
task at hand is not merely to seek out worthy candidates, but also to
engage these in what we hope will be our most dynamic pre-election
debate, to date. From this tried and tested democratic process, we
can expect the next 34 months leading up to the 2011 election to
support a robust and lively discussion on many issues of concern, as
our candidates exchange opinions and elaborate on their views.

The website is a personal initiative, and
not one directed by any special interest group. My reasons for
launching it lie in an abiding concern for the solidity and
development of our government in exile, which must necessarily
increase the participation of Tibetan civilians. In these shifting
and changing times, the desire to find the best possible Kalon Tripa
to lead us for the next 5 years 2011-2016 has become a compelling mission.

Thank you,

Thubten Samdup

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