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Third Qinghai-Sichuan highway opened to traffic

October 24, 2008

People's Daily (People's Republic of China)
October 22, 2008

Recently, another Qinghai-Sichuan passage, a third-class highway from
Banma County Town of Guoluo Tibet Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai
Province to the Friendship Bridge (Qinghai provincial border), was
completed increasing the number of tarmac roads connecting Qinghai
and Sichuan Provinces from two to three.

For a long time, the road from Banma County Town of Guoluo Tibet
Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province to Aba Tibet and Qiang
Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province via the Friendship Bridge
was merely a rough and narrow gravel road.

In April 2005, the Department of Communications of Qinghai Province
started to build the 97.6-kilometer Banyou third-class highway to
replace the old road by paving over the original gravel foundation.
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