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Dalai Lama ready to make one week trip to Japan

October 26, 2008

Punjab Newsline (India)
October 24, 2008

DHARMSHALA -- Dalai Lama is ready to make a one-week trip to Japan as
planned earlier. This is his first foreign tour after successful surgery.

He will fly for Japan next month.Tibetan leader Dalai Lama will give
a public talk on Compassionate Mind: Key to a Happy Life at the Media
Dome, Kita-Kyushu Fukolo on November 4. He will give a public talk at
the Ryogoku Kokugikan at Tokyo on November 6.His health has been a
cause of concern for Tibetans since he complained of abdominal pain
in August and cancelled his otherwise hectic schedules for a while.
Although his senior aides and doctors looking after him assured that
there was no cause of concern over his health, Tibetans and well
wishers have regularly gathered at the Main Tibetan. The Dalai Lama
normally spends several months a year travelling the world promoting
human values, teaching Buddhism and, advocating for Tibetan rights
and their struggle for greater freedom. During the second week of
November Dalai Lama will visit Pune, Merrut and New Delhi.
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