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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Polling Tibet's Future

October 26, 2008

Tibet Special Meeting
October 25, 2008

Please if you are not a Tibetan read it but don't participate in the
polling. Sorry!

What do Tibetans think about the Sino-Tibetan dialogue? Is there a
realistic chance to achieve a negotiated solution with Beijing? Does
is it make sense to continue with present middle path policicy? Do we
need a revised policy? What do you think about new elections in 2009?

Participate in this poll, make the voice of Tibetans heard by
forwarding the link to your Tibetan friends.

1. Poll: Future prospect of Sino-Tibetan talks
Do you believe in a negotiated solution for Tibet within the next 10 years?
* Yes
* No
* I can't say

2. Poll: Policy change
Do we need a policy change?
* Yes
* No
* Can't say

3. Poll: Goal of Tibetan freedom struggle
Provided a policy change is decided what ultimate goal do you favour?
* Independence.
* Self-Determination.
* Don't know
* Other:

4. Poll: What form of autonomy?
Provided Autonomy is the choice what would you favour?
* Autonomy within the current framework of China's consitution?
* Cultural and political autonomy for all three regions of Tibet?
* Cultural autonomy for all three regions of Tibet?
* Don't know.
* Other:

5. Poll: Independence and Dalai Lama
Provided independence is the choice and H.H. the Dalai Lama would not
be leading the Tibetan movement. Is this acceptable for you?
* Yes
* No
* I can't say

6. Poll: Self-determination
Provided self-determination is the choise would your agree with TGIE
being less engaged in finding a negotiated solution with Beijing?
* Yes
* No
* Can't say.

7. Poll: Minor policy change
Provided there is no change of the Middle Path, what should the
Tibetan Exile Eovernment change?
* Find new ways of promoting the issue without changing the current policy.
* Stop sending envoys to China.
* More activities in Tibet.
* More interactions with governments around the world.
* Closer cooperation within the Tibetan Community.
* Don't know.
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