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Louise Blouin MacBain's Tibetan stance will ruffle feathers of the Prince of Wales

October 27, 2008

While the great and the good are accustomed to being urged to make
donations in aid of Tibet, the Duke of York's former girlfriend,
Louise Blouin MacBain, hopes to persuade them to stump up cash to
support China.
Tim Walker. Edited by Richard Eden
The Telegraph (UK)
October 26, 2008

Louise, who opened a £20 million arts centre in west London two years
ago, tells Mandrake that she has set up a "cultural diplomacy" fund,
which will work alongside the Communist regime's organisation for
educational activity in Tibet.

"The financial crisis is driven by a lack of values," she says. "We
have to put humanities to the forefront. Now is the time for us all
to be humble."

Louise, a Canadian divorcée, whose fortune is estimated at £187
million, says the Dalai Lama's aim of extending Tibet 's borders to
include two adjoining provinces will "face a brick wall". She claims:
"He has to moderate his demands, to work with and not against China.
His constant negative criticism is fuelling separatism and further
destabilising relations between China and the West."

No doubt, her ex-boyfriend's brother, the Prince of Wales, who is an
outspoken admirer of the Tibetan spiritual leader, would have
something to say about that.
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