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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

GuChuSum visit to Poland, Meeting with Foreign Affairs Ministry of Poland

October 30, 2008

Polish Parliamentary Group for Tibet and
the President of Polish Movement for a Free Tibet.
Report by Ewa Kedzierska
Warsaw, Poland.
October 27, 2008

The President and Vice-President of GuChuSum Movement of Tibet,
ex-political prisoners association's achieved today 7 days visit to
Poland, where they came at the invitation of the Polish Parliamentary
Group for Tibet.

On the first day they met with HR Commissioner dr Janusz Kochanowski
in his office in Old Town of Warsaw. The President Ven. Ngawang
Woebar told HR Commissioner that two main problems occurring in
Tibet, occupied by China for almost 60 years, are: everyday
repression of all aspects of the Tibetan life and the Han massive
migration which put in danger the Tibetan culture, religion and
environment. – "Each day 4000 Han Chinese are coming to Tibet only
with Golmud – Lhasa train, while taking in account the other means of
transport their number increase to 5000 to 6000, he said. – "With 7
mln of the Han Chinese on 6 mln of the Tibetans, not only the Tibetan
identity is in a danger of extinction, but criminality increased.
There are many Chinese robbers in Tibet, calm disappeared from Lhasa
city", said the President. GuChuSum requested HR Commissioner to ask
the Chinese government to end cruel tortures applied on the Tibetans
as punishment and a way of extortion. Dr Kochanowski took commitment
to write a letter to the Chinese Ambassador in Warsaw requesting him
to mediate in order to free the most urgent cases. He also assured
the guests that he would expose the poster of Guchusum in his office.

On October 22, the GuChuSum Representatives met with the All Polish Parties

Parliamentary Group for Tibet. During the meeting which took place in
the Polish Parliament, Guchusum President, Ven. Ngawang Woebar told
the MPs: – "The Chinese are lying when they say that Tibet is free.
Please come and see by yourselves". – "The ideology of Mao Tsetung
according to which religion is poison is still alive and the planned
destruction of the Tibetan Buddhism is consequently ongoing since
1959. The whole Tibet is nothing but one prison, on each corner of
the street, there are Chinese militaries and paramilitary police, and
secret services, two Tibetans are considered as a gathering",
explained the President . – "All telephonic conversations are
eaves-dropped and in many areas there is no connection at all", he
added. MP Konstanty Miodowicz from P.O. (Liberal Party) noticed that
for the Polish MPs to personally interact with the martyrs of such a
great Nation, makes difference from only reading the reports about
it."-You must feel very well here in Poland because you are
surrounded exclusively by friends" he said. – "Your issue will win,
it is getting temporally lost among the huge political and economic
interests, but ordinary people are with you."

MP Arkady Fiedler from P.O. (Liberal party) compared the ongoing
repression in Tibet to this in Poland during the communist regime. He
pointed out that the Western democracies are undergoing an irrational
fear of China and it is necessary to fight against this harmful
phenomenon. – "There are two ways of helping Tibet", he said,  "one
is diplomatic and another cultural, through organising different
events that can rise awareness among the public" I am going to
organise an exhibition on Tibet in my Museum of Culture and Tolerance
in Puszczykowo, he announced. MP Jolanta Szczypinska from PiS
(Conservative Party) expressed a regret that Tibet has been scarified
for business and that China succeeded to allay the world with the
Olympics in Beijing. – "Yet, as the Polish MPs, we say it loudly: We
do not give our agreement to the Chinese crimes in Tibet". The
President of the Parliamentary Group for Tibet, MP Beata Bublewicz
from P.O. (Liberal Party) requested what was an usual treatment
reserved to the Tibetans in the Chinese jail. –" Suffering is just
unimaginable.", answered Phurbu Tsering la, who spent 2 years in
Drapchi, the most notorious prison of Tibet. – "When I am recalling
what they did to me, my heart still trembles with fear", he added.  "
- The Tibetan prisoners are for example treated as a punching bag for
martial arts' training for the Chinese guards (jako worek treningowy
do sztuk walki). Another example: Blood is extracted from them under
the pretext of a medical treatment. These are having grave physical
and psychological consequences", added ex-prisoner. MP Arkady
Lipinski from P.O. (Liberal Party) asked about the relationship with
the Chinese citizens. – "There is no problem with them, answered
Ngawang Woebar la. – "This is the Chinese authorities who constitute
the  problem. Actually, the citizens of China ignore all about the
real situation in Tibet, because they are victims of the Chinese
propaganda and nationalistic hysteria by them own. As children, we
too were not either aware that Tibet had been an independent country
before the Chinese invasion in 1949."

On October 23 Guchusum Representative met with media and the students
at the University of Warsaw. The Guchusum shocking photo exhibition
showing dead and tortured Tibetans was exposed in Palac
Kazimierzowski, one of the Universities's building. In his speech to
the Polish students, Ven. Ngawang Woebar stressed up the importance
of non-violence as a main principle of the Tibetan fight for freedom.
– "Contrary to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who is asking only for
the autonomy for Tibet within the Chinese borders, we, Guchusum, want
a total independence. However, if somebody gives me a gun, and says:
- If you kill one Chinese you will get your independence back, I will
refuse to do it. I don't want my homeland back for the price of a
human blood." The Guchusum President also briefed the students on the
recent March/April wide spread demonstrations in Tibet.  "During
these events 1800 Tibetans got wounded and have not received any
medical help. We still don't have information about 1'000 people who
disappeared during the March uprising, but we know for sure that some
400 got killed. The Chinese troublemakers mixed with the Tibetans
peaceful demonstrators, inciting them to violence in order to mislead
the public opinion. Exactly the same thing had happened in 1987", he
said. –"The core of the Chinese policy in Tibet is the campaign of
resocialisation having two purposes: a total denationalization of the
Tibetans and forcing them to deny His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Not
only the pictures of the Tibetan political and spiritual leader and
Peace Nobel Prize are forbidden in Tibet, but even his name cannot be
pronounced", told the students Ngawang Woebar. – "The economic
development of Tibet, he continued, in the Chinese style means export
of plastic items from China to Tibet and import from Tibet to China
of gold, copper and uranium. Only in the surroundings of Lhasa there
are 35 mines, while there are hundreds of them in the whole Tibet". –
"We came to Poland with great expectations, because the history of
our two nations is very similar," he said. We know that the Polish
government has supported Tibet for a long time, yet, we need some
more support right now."

Mr. Phurbu Tsering, told the students his experiences in the most
notorious prison of Tibet, Lhasa based Drapchi, where he spent 2
years in rukhag 5 (political prisoners section). – "To a permanent
famine we started to get used only after one year, he said. There are
many kinds of tortures used by the Chinese, some of them requiring
sophisticated equipment, like electric truncheons and some are just
beatings with sticks. After release the prisoners are denied any
medical help and often die. I have still problems with eating,
because the Chinese guard dogged out my teeth", he said. At the
question about the relationship between the Chinese and Tibetan
officials in Tibet, the Guchusum President answered: - "The Chinese
authorities openly criticize the Tibetan officials (collaborating
with them), saying that officially they support China, but in their
heart they respect His Holiness the Dalai Lama. They keep photos of
the Tibetan leader on their altars and send their children to the
Tibetan school abroad (to TVC, under the Dalai Lama's patronage in
India). But it is not that surprising, the President added, taking in
account, that in Tibet there are no studies in Tibetan in Tibet,
almost all is tough in Chinese only and according to the Chinese
propaganda. This year the Chinese issued a law forbidding the Tibetan
official sending their children abroad and requested to bring back
all those who were already in India. The custodian of Asia-Pacific
Museum in Warsaw recalled that some rich Tibetans as well as the
Tibetan lamas come back to Tibet to make business there. – "It seems
to oppose to the image of a permanent martial law that you are
displaying before our eyes, he said". – "It had been a case indeed,
but 10 years ago, responded Mr. Woebar. Yet the Chinese put an end to
those practices as they realised that it could impair their authority
in the occupied land. Therefore they arrested Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche,
Bangri Rinpoche and Kenpo Jigme Phuntsok, for nothing else but
establishing schools and hospitals for the Tibetan population. Two
first are still under the arrest and Kenpo Jigme Puntsok was bitten,
tortured and finally assassinated in the Chinese hospital with a
mortal injection, this is at least what the Tibetans believe.

To conlude their visit to Poland the President and Vice-President of
GuChuSum met today in the Polish FA Ministry, with the Director of
Asia-Pacific Department Mr. Tadeusz Chomicki, the Director of the
Department of the United Nations & Human Rights, Mr. Miroslaw Luczka,
Secretary of Asia-Pacific Department, Mr. Konrad Maziarz and
Secretary of the Department of the United Nations & Human Rights,
Mrs. Aleksandra Mikula. Director Chomicki welcomed the Tibetan
ex-prisoners in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and told
them that both the government and the people of Poland are fully
aware of the suffering of the Tibetan Nation. He said that the Human
Rights issues are the most essential for Polish people. GuchuSum
representatives handed over of Mr. Chomicki the letter addressed to
the Polish FA minister, Mr. Radoslaw Sikorski in which they briefed
minister on the situation in Tibet after March 14 and asked him to
send an independent delegation to Tibet to check whether it is the
Tibetan or  the Chinese version of the events which is true. They
also requested the minister in their letter and FA officials face to
face to use their influence to make the Chinese end tortures and to
free without any delay at least three prisoners of conscience i.e. :
Bangdri Rinpoche, Lobsang Tenzin and Dhondup Wangchen. The Director
explained in details the position of the EU as far as the Tibetan
issue is concerned, as well as the EU and Polish manners of dealing
with the authorities of PRC. He recalled that after March 14, both EU
and Poland requested the Chinese authorities to stop violence in
Tibet and to start the serious negotiations with His Holiness the
Dalai Lama. Ngawang Woebar la and Phurbu Tsering la were happy to
learn that some cases of the political prisoners are already in the
agenda of EU talks with China and very satisfied with the meeting in
FA ministry. They said it was a relief for them to learn that such
high government officials of Poland have not forgotten Tibet and on
behalf of the Tibetan people they thanked Polish government for help.

The visit of GuChuSum to Poland was organised by Mrs. Ewa Kedzierska,
former Secretary of the Polish Parliamentary Group for Tibet and the
President of Polish Movement for a Free Tibet.
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