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Tibetan Culture Week Culminates by Dismantling the Sand Mandala

October 31, 2008

Tibetan Culture Week Culminates by Dismantling the Sand Mandala
October 23rd, 2008

Tibetan Culture Week started with the creation of the Sand Mandala
made from marble grains and is accompanied by a photographic
exhibition. The exhibition takes place in the tower of Prague's New
Town Hall and culminates on 25th October with the dismantling of the
Sand Mandala and the River Ceremony.

Spectators can acquaint themselves with the religious art and
ceremonial traditions of Tibet; it will be introduced by 8 Tibetan
monks from the Tashi Lhunpo monastery that currently live in exile in India.

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Mayor of Prague Pavel Bém with monks in his residence.

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"I do appreciate that Prague has this unique opportunity to encounter
the wisdom from the Tibetan school of thought. The presence of the
monks reminds us that we should be aware of the cause and effect of
our present deeds; that we should justify our deeds not only by
written laws but also by higher values such as morality, honour and
faith in our purpose. It is a pleasure to offer the inhabitants of
Prague the opportunity to get to know the traditions of this unique
culture", said Pavel Bém, the Lord Mayor of Prague, when meeting the
monks at his residence.

It is the first time that people from Prague can see a Tibetan sacred
mask dance. The dance will be accompanied with sacred monastic music
and the monks will be performing the stories of Buddhist gods,
Buddha, demons, as well as legendary human heroes. The masks are
traditionally completed with multicoloured costumes trimmed with
ornaments and ritual magical objects.

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