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Thursday Ossietzky Prices for 2008

November 14, 2008

Norwegian PEN
November 11, 2008

Oslo --Ossietzky Prize for 2008 awarded  to Chungdak Koren and  Prof.
Francis Sejersted

Norwegian Pens prize for outstanding efforts for freedom of speech,
Ossietzky prize for 2008 is  awarded to leader of the Norwegian Tibet
Committee, Chungdak Koren and Professor Francis Sejersted  former
Nobel Peace Committee. Award ceremony will take place on 13 November.

Norwegian PENs Ossietzky prices for 2008,is in two parts. One goes to
Chungdak Koren for her work for Human Rights of Tibetan people inside
Tibet in Norway. The second prize to Prof. Francis Sejersted for his
work for freedom speech case,  in both institution-Free Speech
foundation and the Nobel Committee.

"The recipients  of this year's  prize have demonstrates each in its
own way the importance of the free word, and shows through many
years  hard work on freedom of speech and have defend it," says
Norwegian Pens leader, Anders Heger

The prize will be awarded on 13 November at 12.00 in   Literature
House (Nedjma), Wergelandsveien 29, Oslo,

Further information: Norwegian PEN: +47 926 88 023

11 November 2008 Oslo,
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