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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Dalai Lama promotes religious harmony around the world

November 26, 2007


Saturday, 24 November 2007

DHARAMSALA: Tibetan Spiritual Guru and Political head, Dalai Lama 
says that his visits to various parts of world were aimed at to 
promote religious harmony amongst people.

While talking to Tibetans in various parts of Japan during his tour 
these days, he said that mutual trust is the foundation of human 
relation and no matter how powerful, how rich an individual may be, 
he cannot be happy without human companion.

He said that his first teacher of compassion is his mother and that 
the seed of compassion has been first planted by her.

Dalai Lama further said that a balance attitude towards the 
development of both mental and physical is important for overall well 
being of humanity.

A spokesman of the Tibetan government in exile at Dharamshala told 
the on Saturday that the Dalai Lama told people in 
Japan that he was happy to be able to participate in two of the most 
important religious functions in Japan .

Dalai Lama said he is not disappointed over the Japanese government's 
indifferent attitude since his visit to the country is not political.

On Tibet 's environment, he called for special care to preserve 
Tibet's ecosystem, adding, once you damage the fragile environment of 
Tibetan plateau, it will take a long period to recover.

He said that since major rivers originating in Tibet feed into South 
Asia , "Special care of the Tibetan ecology is not only the concerns 
for six million Tibetans, but also the concerns for millions of people."

But some people from China "have no knowledge of ecology. They are 
only concerned about industries (with) no idea of ecological 
consequences," he added.

The Chinese government has begun to impose "some restrictions on 
deforestation in some parts of Tibet. However, unfortunately now in 
China , sometimes restrictions can be easily ignored through pocket 
money, corruption," The Dalai Lama said.

He clarified that all Tibetans wish to return to Tibet and added that 
he was open to resolve the issue of Tibet over a "genuine autonomy".

"We are seeking genuine autonomy within the constitution of China 
provided the Chinese government is ready to create a meaningful 
autonomy," the exiled leader of Tibet said. "Whole world knows the 
Dalai Lama side is not seeking independence," he further added.
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