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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

China fights Tibet propaganda battle with Google Ads

November 23, 2008

By Kenneth Tan
Shanghaiist (PRC)
November 20, 2008

Google Ads Tibet propaganda battle with political arrows still being
shot back and forth between Beijing and Dharamsala, China has been
panning out its efforts to win the propaganda battle over Tibet,
sending teams of Tibetologists to Finland and Italy to 'educate'
academics and students on the history and modern development of
Tibet. Realising that influencing scholars and historians is not
enough, China has also taken the battle into the online arena to
reach people like you and I.

Lately we've been observing lots of Google ads pointing to the China
Tibet Information Center appearing in places like Youtube (pictured)
and even our Google Reader. Given the massive reach of Google's
self-serve contextual ads, this means anytime you're viewing
something related to China or more specifically Tibet anywhere on the
web, that ad may appear, pointing you to where
China's version of the Tibet story is presented. You'd think these
state behemoths are totally clueless when it comes to the Internet,
but clearly these guys know their stuff and are embracing the new
media to bring their point across to average Joes around the world
sitting in front of their computers.

History, they say, is anything you can get people to agree upon and
from a public relations standpoint, you can't not give them marks for
coming around to understand the art of subtle persuasion. Of course,
in any propaganda exercise, money talks, and it will not hurt to have
a big budget backed by a burgeoning economy — something the
Dharamsala-based Tibetan government-in-exile does not have the luxury of.
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