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Norwegian PENs Ossietzky Prize 2008 to Mrs Chungdak Koren

November 23, 2008

Norwegian Tibet Committee
November 20, 2008

For the past nine years Norwegian PEN has awarded the annual
Ossietzky Prize for outstanding achievements within the field of
freedom of expression. The Ossietzky Prize for 2008 has been awarded
to Mrs. Chungdak Koren for her work in Norway for the rights of the
Tibetan people, and to Mr. Francis Sejersted for his work for freedom
of expression.

The President of Norwegian PEN, Mr. Anders Heger, stated when
announcing the Prize that the two Prize winners demonstrates, in
different ways, the importance of using and defending the right of
freedom of expression, and illustrates achievements and the value of
patient work by these brave individuals.

The Ossietzky Prize award took place at the House of Litterature in
Oslo on Thursday 13 November.

The President of the Norwegian PEN, Mr. Anders Heger, gave the welcome speech.

Mr. Oystein Alme, director of the Foundation Voice of Tibet, gave a
speech on Chungdak Koren's tireless work in Norway for the rights of
the Tibetan people. Alme said that Chungdak Koren had dedicated her
life fighting for the cause of Tibet, and highlighted her
achievements and dedication in this work. "She has tirelessly given a
voice to the voiceless and defended the defenceless by informing
about the situation in Tibet and challenged institutions and
politicians to take a stand toward the ongoing repression in Tibet.
For decades he has organized countless events and visits and through
her broad network cooperated with other institutions and NGOs for the
benefit of suppressed people worldwide, and especially the Tibetans
in Tibet," Alme stated in his speech.

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