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My Faith in Chinese People Still Unshaken: Dalai Lama

November 24, 2008

November 23, 2008

Dharamshala Nov. 23 -- Reiterating his 'unshaken faith' in the people
of China, His Holiness the Dalai Lama today said dialogue with
Chinese people is important for the Tibetans. "There are two levels
of dialogue, one with the Chinese government and the other with the
people of China."

The 73 year old Nobel laureate was speaking to the media after
meeting the participants of the 'special meeting' that he called
using a power given to him under article 59 of the Tibetan charter.

His Holiness said that the Tibetans inside Tibet place high hopes and
faith on those in exile and that all efforts must be made to stand up
to their expectations. "The Tibetans inside Tibet are our real boss."

He said that he had not much to comment on the Special Meeting but
that he heard it was a meaningful one. The Tibetan leader hoped that
more such meetings could be held in the future.

He clarified the view held by many that he proposed the idea of
seeking genuine autonomy for Tibet after Deng Xiaoping's remarks to
Gyalo Thondup that everything can be discussed except independence
saying that before the meeting between Gyalo Thondup and Deng
Xiaoping, he and his ministers had already discussed the possibility
of genuine autonomy for Tibet though the term 'Middle Way' was not used then.

He said that the international Tibet support groups who will be
meeting next month in the Indian capital should be listened to, and
their views also are important for the Tibetans.

He also said he had kept himself out of the special meeting so that
free and frank discussion could take place.

Taking a dig at the present Chinese leadership, His Holiness said
that if Mao was alive today the current Beijing leadership would
receive scolding for not maintaining Mao's real socialist principles.
He said China no longer is a purely socialist state as envisioned by
its founding fathers.

Speaking separately to the participants of the special meeting he
said that there is dire need for the Tibetan community to produce
Tibetan professionals in various fields of studies. He also said that
the projects initiated by Tibetan government in various settlements
should also benefit the local Indian communities.

On the issue of the reincarnation of the next Dalai Lama, he said,
taking example of the Vatican, there are some possibilities including
the traditional system of electing someone during his lifetime but
did not give details.

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