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Dalai Lama to tour Nigeria, Europe

November 26, 2008

By Phurbu Thinley
November 25, 2008

Dharamsala, Nov. 25 -- Exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai
Lama left his north Indian base at Dharamshala, which also serves as
the seat of the Tibet's Government in exile, early this morning for a
visit to Nigeria and three European nations.

The Dalai Lama will be on a two-day day trip to Nigeria, during which
he is expected to deliver a keynote address for this year's
Anyiam-Osigwe Lecture Series in Lagos, the country's former capital
city and one of the fastest growing cities in Africa.

The 1989 Nobel Peace laureate will deliver his keynote address on the
topic 'The Universality of the God Principle, the Sense of Unity in
the Teachings of the Great Masters'.

The lecture series is held every year by the Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe
Foundation in its effort to deepen the Emmanuel Osigwe
Anyiam-Osigwe's development philosophy and its universal principles.

To share the podium with the Tibetan leader will be the former
President of Poland, Mr. Aleksander Kwasniewski.

The lecture that will be held at its traditional venue, Nigeria
Institute of International Affairs, Victoria Island, Lagos on
November 27, 2008, will have as its theme "The Unity of The Absolute,
the Oneness of All Religions: Value Guided Conduct as a Universal
Tenet and Propriety as a Way of Life for Mankind."

Speaking on this year's lecture, Coordinator, Anyiam-Osigwe
Foundation, Mr. Michael Anyiam-Osigwe said the two speakers have
confirmed their attendance and that all preparations are being done
to have a great event, according to a report by THISDAY Online.

"This year will be the tenth year of the foundation and the lecture
series. We are ready to host another great event. The theme for this
year was carefully chosen because of place of religion in engendering
social harmony and human development," he said.

He also noted that many countries and societies that would have
advanced in every indices of human development have remained backward
as a result of religious war adding that part of the objectives of
the foundation is to promote inter-religion harmony.

The underlining principles of Anyiam-Osigwe's Holistic Approach to
Human Existence revolve around spiritual upliftment, economic
enhancement, social responsibility and political awareness.

Many world leaders, including former Israeli Prime Minister, Simon
Peres, wife of former British Prime Minister, Mrs. Cherrie Blair,
United States former Vice President Al Gore, Former President of
South Africa P.W De Klerk, and former British Prime Minister John
Major among others have been past keynote address speakers at the
Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation lecture series.

The two-day visit to Nigeria is the first leg of a trip that will
take him to Czech Republic, Belgium and Poland.

While in Poland French President Nicolas Sarkozy is expected to meet
His Holiness on 6 December.

According to the official website of the Tibetan Government-in-exile,
the 73-year old revered Tibetan leader will return to his exile
hometown on 13 December.

Last week at a six-day conclave of the Tibetan people in Dharamsala,
called by the Dalai Lama to discuss the course of their political
movement, nearly 600 Tibetan delegates, representing Tibetans around
the world, while reaffirming their absolute "faith and allegiance" to
the Dalai Lama, once again urged him to continue to remain as the
supreme spiritual and temporal leader of the Tibetan people. The
meeting further urged him not to state "retirement or even
semi-retirement" in leading Tibetan people in their struggle for freedom.

At a press conference on Sunday, a day after the six-day meeting, the
Dalai Lama said his role in Tibetan political leadership was already
a "semi-retired" one, but maintained that it was his moral
responsibility to remain committed to the Tibetan cause. "There is no
question of my retirement. I'm a Tibetan. I'll stand for the cause
till I die," the Tibetan leader said

Responding to media queries about possible policy options on China
and the fate of the talks with China over Tibet, the Dalai Lama told
reporters to "wait for a month", suggesting those matters would be
considered after a meeting of Tibet's international supporters to be
held later this month.

 From Dharamsala the Dalai Lama travels extensively around the world
promoting human values, teaching Buddhism and, advocating for Tibetan
rights and their struggle for greater freedom. He often meets with
world leaders to present the case of Tibet.

Beijing accuses the Dalai Lama of trying to split Tibet from China,
which sent military troops to occupy the predominantly Buddhist
Himalayan country in 1949, and has regularly protested against
countries that agree to visits by him.

The Dalai Lama says he is only seeking a "real and meaningful"
autonomy for Tibetan people within China and opposes the use of violence.
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