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China Reiterates Anti-Dalai Lama Rhetoric

November 26, 2008

November 25, 2008

Dharamsala Nov. 25 -- In its first reaction to the Special Meeting of
the Tibetan exiles, China on Tuesday said it opposed what it termed
as 'splittist activities' of the 73 year old Tibetan leader.

"China's position is consistent and clear. We oppose the Dalai
getting involved in activities overseas to split China, and we oppose
any foreign leaders having any contact with the Dalai," Foreign
Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told a news conference.

"We have talked about this issue many times in the past," Qin said,
referring to the exiles' meeting but did not elaborate, according to Reuters.

The Nobel laureate had no role in the Special Meeting except calling
it under article 59 of the Tibetan charter. He said he did not want
to influence the meeting in anyway.

China has already rejected the Tibetan side's demands for greater
autonomy as a 'disguised independence' but the Special Meeting that
just concluded vowed to continue the existing policy of Middle Way
Approach of seeking autonomy under China.

China, some analysts say, may not be very pleased with the outcome of
the Tibetan exiles' meeting as it missed an opportunity to denigrate
the Tibetan government's call for autonomy as 'disguised independence'.
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