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Netizen protests Sarkozy´s meeting with Dalai Lama

December 9, 2008 | 12-08-2008
Sarkozy persisted in meeting the Dalai Lama on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2008, as French president, who also holds the rotating EU presidency, in total disregard of Chinese people's strong opposition and repeated representations by the Chinese side.
His act not only aroused great indignation among all the Chinese people, but also triggerred strong protest from people around the world.
Here Sam Teng, Malayan, one of netizens, will tell us how he feels about Sarkozy's act in a foreigner's eyes.
"I believe the 1.3 billion people of China like me fully support their government to postpone the summit with EU due to French leader's meeting with the Dalai Lama.
The whole world knows that Tibet is part of China. The Dalai Lama and its clique had committed treason against his own country and government by causing an uprising. The Dalai Lama may be a great spiritual leader to many people around the world, but his political ambition stink. He is a populist and spent his time travelling around the world to canvass support for his ulterior motives to paint a bad image of the Chinese government.
Unfortunately, there are many foreign governments including France that are so gullible and they fully believed the Dalai Lama. Or are these foreign governments also harboring hidden agenda against China and are manipulating the issue to discredit China for their own selfish aims.
Whatever their real intentions, China and its government should stand firm on its stand in order to safeguard its dignity and respect. This is not the first time that western governments had tried to meddle in China's internal affairs. These pro-Dalai Lama western powers do not seem to learn from the past or they simply do not care about the feelings of the Chinese government and its 1.3 billion people.
As such, I fully support the Chinese government's stand to postpone the summit with EU. The French leader should be accountable for his actions and bear all the consequences. May the truth previals and God bless China and its people."
Editor:Xiong Qu
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