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Dalai Lama received honourary doctorate from Jagiellonian university

December 10, 2008

Punjab Newsline Network  
Tuesday, 09 December 2008
DHARMSHALA: Tibetan Spritual Leader Dalai Lama received the honourary doctorate, Honoris Causa, from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in Poland, at a ceremony presided over by Prof. Dr. Karol Musiol, the rector of the University on Tuesday, a press release of office of Dalai Lama at Meclodganj said this.
The Senate of the University in a resolution of 3 October 2007 declared that the honorary doctorate was being conferred to his holiness "in particular recognition of the following of his virtues and merits: representing high standards in social and public life; his internationally acknowledged moral authority; promoting the peaceful resolutions of many conflicts; significant merits in the development of intercultural dialogue and inter-religious relations; promoting the attitude of respect and understanding towards people of different worldviews and religious beliefs; and peaceful struggle for Tibet's freedom and the recognition of the human rights of its people".
A gathering of around  consisting of the leaders of the university and student representatives as wells as invited dignitaries, including Poland's Justice Minister attended th ceremony. Addressing the gathering, His Holiness said that the conferment was a great honour for him firstly because the Jagiellonian University had over a 600 year history and secondly because the University was in Poland, a country which had passed through a difficult period in the past fifty years but whose spirit had remained firm, a fact that made His Holiness have great admiration for the Polish people.
His Holiness also said that the award brought him even more faith and enthusiasm to devote every opportunity in his life to the promotion of human values and of religious harmony.
In the afternoon, His holiness gave a lecture to a packed out audience of around 1500 staff and students at the request of the Jagiellonian University on the theme of the importance of education and of developing compassion and peace through inner strength and values.
In remarks directed at the students in the hall, His Holiness described this present century as having the potential to become the century of peace but that this could only be achieved  if the "young brothers and sisters", irrespective of their beliefs or whether they were a believer or not, paid more attention to developing these inner values.
Although their knowledge was increasing day-by-day through formal academic training, the His Holiness the Dalai Lama stressed that it was also important that the young simultaneously pay attention to the development of inner values without which the knowledge gained through education could not be used for constructive purposes. His Holiness described this as his "appeal to the young of the world".
"The genuine feeling of respect, admiration and support that the students, teaching community and the general public showed for his holiness' presence in the city and message of peace, compassion and universal responsibility was most encouraging," said Tsering Tashi, representative of his holiness the Dalai Lama for Northern Europe, Poland and the Baltic Countries.
His Holiness was received warmly throughout the day's events including during a meeting held with student representatives and leaders of the Jagiellonian University; and at a lunch hosted by Prof. Dr. Karol Musiol, the Rector of the University, and attended by heads of the different faculties and representatives from a number of other universities in Poland including the Rector of Warsaw University, the largest in the country.
Hundreds of students, staff and other well-wishers thronged the streets outside the public talk venue to catch a glimpse of his holiness the Dalai Lama and to show their support for him and the Tibetan people.
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